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How I felt about “The Veldt”

I thought that the detail was incredible and how the story was told was eye grasping. I also likes how it described the kids room and the hous itself. I really like how open minded the author is and how interactive the story is. For me personaly im not one for liking to lissen to stories or stuff like future thing but this one was actualy really intersting to lissen to. I wouldn’t mind lissening to it again, I also like grory things and when the author kept talking about how the kids had their own secret little room that they would invision there parents being eaten by lions. I would like to end with saying that i highly recoment it to anyone who likes a story that is actualy good to read.


“There will come soft rains” Poetry Analysis

Sara Teasdale is trying to say that we need to stop the fighting and all the wars. She is also trying to make sence of what is going on in her point in time, She is trying to describe what it is like to live in that point in time and how it makes not just the people but the environment feel when the war finally ended. She is trying to say that war isnt nessesary and that we should dtop because war isnt getting us anywhere it is only puting us further back not helping us move forward. I agree with what she is trying to say because for me war is unessesary and a waist of time.

Who am I as a writer?

Ever since i was a little girl i have loved to write my own stories and put all the papers i wrote in and make it a book then i would show my parents and they would give me to much prais on it even though they could barely read my hand writing. I think having that support from my parents and getting the prais that i got when i get really bored or upset now i write a fantacy story. I have the title the author and i even have a cover and chapeter, the cover it just different colored paper, but i dod that in my free time because i feel it gets me out of realitly and putes me in my own story so i don;t have to deal with my emotions at the time.

Small improvements and 1 ercent gains

I could read more to extent my vocabulary, so that i could be smarter in the future. If i were to extent my vocabulary i could be excepted for who i am and people would never know that i have a learning dissability. Ein Sterin had a leaning dissability and didnt talk until he was four years old, but yet be still became the most smartest person in the world. Ein Sterin knew he had a leaning dissability but even though he had a learning dissability and he knew about it that didnt stop him from what he would acomplish in the future. So right now in this moment in life for me i want to be like him not like supper smart but to have a learning dissablility and people still not even knowing it and people seeing me as stilla smart person.