Secret Secrets Are No Fun Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone.

Secrets are bad because they can hurt someone mentally. What I mean by this is keeping secrets to yourself can cause problems in the future, and those problems can hurts somebody. I think that we should have secrets but only ones that keep us from exposing our immorality. I think that we should tell our secrets because it can help us out in the future and holding secrets will only cause more stress and make us feel like a bad person. So clear your conscience and reveal your secrets, I know it will cause conflict with something but it is worth it in the end.

Love Moderately

Moderately means that don’t over react and stay steady. For example Romeo mood needs to stay moderate and chill. Not either being depressed or sad just be moderate. I think that was good advise for him because Romeo keeps changing his mood and keeps getting feelings for girls he doesn’t really know. What that means for us is we need to be at a steady mood. What I mean by this is we need to not be sad or to over excited or happy, but be happy with what you got and not complain and be moderate. I think people need to do this more.


Hatred is another word for hate. Hate can be defined in many ways, but basically means you dislike or unapproved something. I feel like the reason we hate is because we are either jealous or dislike somethings action. For example a lot of people dislike trump, I feel like the reason for that is because he said some negative things in the past that offended someone and now they carry a hate for him. They are many reasons why we hate, but I think hate is too strong of a word to be used. Hatred is something that all people posses and should be stopped.

Everything I know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

I don’t know much about Shakespeare,  but I think he is a poet who also does makes plays. He was around the time of the renaissance and made tons of poems and plays. His most popular one is Romeo and Juliet, and is still praised to this day. I’ve only read a short story that was by him and it was interesting.  I expect to be intrigued or interested  in his story’s but they are really hard to read do to his grammar so I expect it to be modernized. I’m excited to read about him and you should too.


Being able to grade your work I feel like would expand your knowledge on your mistakes you made. What I mean is grading your own work gives you a better understanding on what you did on your work because it lets you take the eyes of a teacher and see the mistakes you made so you would be more judgmental on your work. This can help you in school by understanding what you did wrong, and as a future profession teaching would need this skill the most because teachers have to grade students work so this school would be more valuable towards them.

Blind Spots

What I think about the people that are going to lynch Tom, I think that they hate because they were raised that way. For example if I was raised vegetarian and only would eat fruits vegetables, I’m less likely to like another food because I was raised to only eat fruits and vegetables. Same thing with this situation, if a white person was raised to hate black people they will because that’s what they think is good. They were raised to hate black people so therefore they think its alright to hate them because they were raised that way. So I think they are good people but don’t understand what they are doing.


Real Courage

What I think courage means doing something brave or in other words no one really wants to do.  I’m not a very courageous guy but when I do something courageous it usually is a big deal. What I think real courage is someone risking their live or something valuable to them for cause that is helpful to you or others. For example what I think a real courageous job is being a firefighter or any other government job.  firefighters job is courageous because they risk their lives every single day to help innocent people out and putting them aside to help others is really courageous.


I think that it is the right thing to do but it is also kind of stupid because your basically setting yourself up for failure.  This tells me that Atticus is a good person and has morals and does the right thing, or in other words this means that he is a righteous man. I think its unnecessary that he puts his family threw this and he is going to end up hurting them physically and mentally and he will regret it. But persistence is good moral thing to do especially if your religious, I think persistence makes you an honest person too.

How I feel About To Kill a Mocking Bird

How I feel about To Kill About a Mocking Bird, I thought the story’s ending didn’t really make sense till I thought about it for a while. My overall impression of the book is that it tried to teach me a life lesson that is basically understood by everyone, but it did make me understand it more. I feel like I wanted more than I got because when I first started reading it, I thought this book was going to teach me a life lesson that I needed but then it really didn’t and that made a little bit frustrated. I will tell other students to read it if they are trying to learn about racism in the early 30’s.

Good Stuff From To Kill a Mockingbird

“Don’t fool yourselves–it’s all adding up and one of these days we’re going to pay the bill for it”.  This is meaningful because it means that eventually, we are going to pay for our actions, it might be a good consequence it might be a bad consequence. Atticus said this towards his kids, this is supposed to mean that people doing bad things are gonna happen again and there nothing we can do about it. What this means for the book is people are going to racist and hateful towards black people so their going to do harmful acts towards them threw anger and Atticus realizes this and is foreshadows it happening.