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Week at a Glance

September 4-7, 2018


Language Arts:  This week we’ll be reviewing short e, o, and u.   We are learning about endings, root words and visualization.  We’ll be learning about commands and exclamations and capitalization and punctuation.  We’ll be learning the writing process and how good writers find good ideas and write about them.  We are also reviewing what character, settings and events are.

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Spelling: went, tell, pet, job, fog, not, tug, hut, tub, bun, fix, has, one, or, see

Math: We will be reviewing and learning subtraction principles.  This will include counting backwards to subtract, subtracting all and subtracting 0, and using doubles to subtract.

Science:  We will be learning procedures and rules.

Social Studies:  We will be learning .

Character Trait for the month:  citizenship

Things to Know 

*We have ipads for use in our room.  It would be helpful if you could send earphones from home with your child for use with these ipads.  They will be sent home at the end of the year.  Please label them with your name.  Thanks!

*Second Grade does some fun programs.  This year we are doing two:

Donuts for Dads (March 8) and

Muffins for Moms (May 12).  Mark your calendars!

 *Take home reading is a wonderful program.  Please support your child in reading nightly and returning these books in a timely manner.  If done consistently, this program will help your student improve his/her reading.

 *Your child will receive a Homework Folder. This folder will be used to send home homework and parent notes from the teacher and school. It will be sent home daily. Homework is used to reinforce concepts taught in class and responsibility. I would like each student to read 20-30 min. a day. Math homework will be sent home but is optional. If a child does a few problems and it’s obvious to the parent that that skill is solidified, they don’t need to do the whole page. This is a parent call. Simply return it the next day.On Fridays, I will keep the folder to enter grades and prepare for Monday. There will be no homework over the weekend.

 *I will try to send home a Book Order each month.  This is a great opportunity for your child to collect his/her own library without a lot of expense. It also helps the reading interest level if the child has some ownership in its own books. If you are ordering from more than one company, one check may be written (to Scholastic) for all your orders. Online ordering is most convenient. NO CASH PLEASE. Thank you for your help with this.

 *Class work that students have finished and that have been corrected will be sent home in homework folders periodically.

 *If you desire to share a treat with the class on your child’s birthday, please send purchased, packaged, HEALTHY, SIMPLE treats. Ice cream, cupcakes with lots of frosting, etc. are too hard to manage. Please no juice or red dye. We have 31 students this year. Summer birthdays will be celebrated near their half birthday.

*Important websites 

  • 1. reflexmath.com 
  • 2. mylexia.com


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks for sharing your children with me this year!

Contact Information:

Peggy Lowry  –  plowry@alpinedistrict.org  –  801-830-3867

School phone number – 801-610-8103