Blog post No. 9: Lit. Circle Series Project

Critical Acclaim


Looking through good reads really shows how much readers opinions vary on this book. So many people were saying that they were disappointed with this book. They hated how they devoted so much time into this book with many tears that were shed. Some said they wish they had never read it and could get a refund on the time they spent reading the book. They had all had very high expectations for this book then once they read it they were very disappointed.

The people that gave the book 3 stars are the people I am mostly agreeing with. One person in particular said that she would’ve given it 5 stars but, the thing holding her back was how it took forever to get into the book and the ending was  a little slow to her. It took me forever to get into this book but once I got into it it was hard to get out of it.

Those that gave this book a 5 star rating, from what I read, had lower hopes for the book and didn’t really now if they would enjoy it. After they read it they couldn’t give anything but praise to The City Of Brass. They loved the fantasy and the adventure that was throughout the whole book. And personally I would have to agree with them. This book is really good and I have a hard time putting it down, and I cannot wait to read the second.

My group really enjoyed the book, most of them gave it a 4 star rating. They loved the magic and how it is different from lots of books. It isn’t like Harry Potter by any means but it is magical in its own way and we really enjoyed that.

Blog post No. 8: Summarizer

I have really enjoyed this book, the author has found a way to drag me in and I have no clue if I will be able to get out. The City of Brass is very different from the books that I have read and I´m enjoying it a lot! Everyone else also really enjoys it but they are all mad about what´s going on. I don´t quite understand on why yet but I know I will soon. The City of Brass is very different from my last lit circle book, Variant, and I like it a lot. I am glad I have been able to get another type of book to read. This book reminds me a lot of Aladdin and I really like that.

I have no idea on what is coming up, and that really excites me! I can usually predict books and I have maybe a few ideas but none of them seem to really fit as I read on in the book.

From what I have been able to find S.A. Chakraborty has only written this book and the second book to the Daevabad trilogy. She is a relatively new author and so far I don´t have anything bad to say about her.

Blog post No. 7: Lit Circle No. 1

Many of the songs I chose were by Lindsey Stirling because I love all of her songs and they have lots of different emotions in them. I love Stampede by Alexander Jean and Lindsey Stirling and I had that as one of the songs I chose and used it for the paintball fights. I think that the Lindsey Stirling songs are essential to an extent in telling the story, it helps portray an emotion and how the students feel but you get to also use your imagination when you listen to them because they don’t have words. I love how in Variant everything is so secretive and adventurous. Those kinds of books keep my attention and make me want to read more.

Book Show and Tell No. 2

The book I did for Book show and tell was the Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. The Glass Sword is the second book in the series so I explained the first book to not spoil anything. The main character Mare Barrow, she is part of the lower class, she has red blood. The higher class has silver blood and they have abilities such as reading minds, controlling people, controlling metal, controlling light and many more. Mare goes to work at the castle and shows all the silvers that she has powers and shocks everyone including herself. She shouldn’t have these abilities and the royals are trying to hide that she is a red. They keep her close and study what she can do but that may not work for them because she is a part of the Scarlet Guard and want to take them down!

Anyone that likes action filled books, something with a little bit of romance and fantasy I recommend this book to. I really enjoyed the first book and I’m enjoying the second so far.

Red Queen

Blog post No. 6

This is the picture I chose personally. In the book a person referred to as Iceman is shown on TV screens everyday before classes. This picture is showing some students waiting to see the daily announcement.

In the book Benson has free time and wonders around the school and finds that there are many empty classrooms but very few students and is a little confused by that.

At the very begging of the book Benson is welcomed into the school by Becky. No one was around because it was against the rules to have other students talk to new students before orientation.

The school this is all based in is called Maxfield academy and it is surrounded by a huge brick wall fence and a wire fence on the other side.


To be honest… I kinda finished this book last Friday so I know what happens in the book, but I do feel like the author did pull everything together very well. He kept things very suspenseful and it drew me into the book even more. I had so many guesses on what was going to happen and I was a little close of a few of them. I do feel like it was very believable plot and that is why I was so into it. I really enjoy this book!

Blog post No. 5: Victoria Aveyard

I will be reading  The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. I tried to read this book about a year ago and I disliked a character so much that I felt like throwing it against a wall and I stopped reading it. I now am attempting to read it again and hopefully I will be able to finish it. I hope to finish the series by the end of April but I don’t know if I will because I’m a slow reader with this series right now.

Book Show and Tell

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Synopsis: Conner and Alex Bailey have grown up with fairy tails being told to them their whole lives and some of their greatest memories involve fairy tails. On their birthday their grandmother gave them a book, The Land of Stories. A few days later they fell through the book and found themselves in the land of stories with castles, legendary queens and kings, talking wolves, a frog man, and a wishing spell as their only way home, but it can only be used once more and the Evil Queen is after it as well. Will Conner and Alex get all the items before the Evil Queen and get home?

I really enjoyed this book. I have the whole series and have read it multiple times. These books are really easy reads and can be finished in a few days but they are very entertaining. I recommend these books to anyone that likes to read fantasy.

Blog Post No. 3

Brandon Sanderson has a good reputation online. You can see from his website that he wants to draw people in and make them want to know more about his books. I think that it is really important for authors and their books to have a good reputation online to showoff and draw people in, and I think Brandon Sanderson does a really good job of this.

One of my favorite authors is Marissa Meyer. She has her own website and I like her unique touch she added to it. Marissa was born on 19 February 1984 in Tacoma, Washington. As a child she loved Sailor Moon, and she still does today. When she was 14 she started writing Sailor Moon fanfic under the penname Alicia Blade. For college she attended Pacific Lutheran University and received a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and children’s literature and she also received a Master’s degree in Publishing from Pace University. The first book she released was the Cinder in 2012 as a part of the Lunar Chronicles. She got married in 2011, two months before the release of Cinder, and they adopted two beautiful little girls in 2015. If you like science fiction or young adult fantasy you would most likely enjoy Marissa Meyer’s books. I really enjoyed reading the Lunar Chronicles, I couldn’t put the books down!

My epic name is El Abraza, my power is if someone looks into my eyes they will become paralyzed. My weakness/fear is getting into a car crash.


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Blog No. 2: Steelheart’s backstory

“Uhhhh…,” Stealheart groaned as he woke up. The mattress he had been sleeping on for the past 7 years had been pressed down and now looked like a pancake it was as hard as a rock, it also had springs popping out and stains in the corners from who knows what. The carpet had stains on it as well, some of which he wouldn’t confess from where they came from, the ceiling had a drip in the corner but it didn’t bother him too much, the walls had paint chipping off them from things being thrown everywhere. He had stayed in the same room for those 7 years, other children had moved in and out from being adopted but he had been left alone… no one wanted him, and he now had the room to himself because he was so old to be with the other children. None of that would matter in a few days though because he would be turning 18 and would have to leave the orphanage, but he had no clue on what he would do once he left… he had nothing.

He forced himself out of bed and walked over to get ready to go down and get breakfast. He didn’t have much but the orphanage did provide at least a few pair of decent clothes. As he slowly walked down the stairs he prepared himself for an attack! “STEEEAAAALLLLHHHEEEEEAAARRRTTTTTT,” a little girl screamed as he reached the bottom of the stairs. She jumped up on his back and Stealheart acted as if he were terrified. The girl giggled as he flung his arms around, spun in circles and eventually fell down on the floor. She immediately popped up and gave him a huge hug.

“Why hello Chloe, how are you this beautiful morning,” Stealheart said with a huge smile on his face.

“I’m so happy, I got to eat an orange and now you are awake so I get to play with you,” Chole exclaimed!

“You had an orange?!”

“Yes, it was so good! I wish I could have one everyday!”

Then out of no where parts of the ceiling started to fall, dust filled the room and you could hear children screaming from every direction. Stealheart had a part fall on him but he some how was able to move the two ton piece off of him, he then frantically looked for Chloe.

“Chloe! Chloe! Oh please tell me she is okay, Chloe!” Stealheart kept screaming at the top of his lungs. As the dust started to settle he could see that a little girls shoes were poking out from underneath a huge piece of sheetrock. He immediately got down and hoisted it off of her. He looked down at a dreadful sight, Chloe had been crushed and blood was everywhere. He got down next to her picked her up and sobbed uncontrollably, Chloe was like a little sister to him and someone or something had just murdered her! Stealheart screamed out in pain, Chloe was gone. As he held her little broken body he walked outside to see who had done this hanest crime. As he walked through the hole in the wall he saw tanks and a dozen or so men holding large guns, all pointed at a woman hovering over the now broken orphanage.

“HOW DARE YOU!!” Stealheart screamed at the top of his lungs to the men pointing guns at her. Then it was as if Stealheart had let out all of his anger and everything around him turned to steal. Everyone stopped and stared at him, they were all stunned. Without a warning they all turned their guns on him and fired. Stealheart ducked and knew he was going to die. The men stopped shooting and all looked terrified, Stealheart opened his eyes and he became stunned too. He wasn’t dead. Stealheart then put Chloe’s lifeless body on the ground and then he turned to face those evil men, how dare they try to kill him just after murdering Chloe! He then focused all his rage to his hands, they started to light up and become a blinding white light and without a warning he threw it at the men and they all disintegrated.

He then walked over to Chloe’s small body picked her up and walked away. Stealheart then said in a soft but stern voice,”Chloe, you sweet little girl. You were the only good soul in this cruel, cruel world. I promise that I will avenge your death, no human deserves to live after what I have seen today. I will find these other people with powers like mine and I will treat this cruel race the same way they did to you!”