Blog post No. 9: Lit. Circle Series Project

Critical Acclaim


Looking through good reads really shows how much readers opinions vary on this book. So many people were saying that they were disappointed with this book. They hated how they devoted so much time into this book with many tears that were shed. Some said they wish they had never read it and could get a refund on the time they spent reading the book. They had all had very high expectations for this book then once they read it they were very disappointed.

The people that gave the book 3 stars are the people I am mostly agreeing with. One person in particular said that she would’ve given it 5 stars but, the thing holding her back was how it took forever to get into the book and the ending was  a little slow to her. It took me forever to get into this book but once I got into it it was hard to get out of it.

Those that gave this book a 5 star rating, from what I read, had lower hopes for the book and didn’t really now if they would enjoy it. After they read it they couldn’t give anything but praise to The City Of Brass. They loved the fantasy and the adventure that was throughout the whole book. And personally I would have to agree with them. This book is really good and I have a hard time putting it down, and I cannot wait to read the second.

My group really enjoyed the book, most of them gave it a 4 star rating. They loved the magic and how it is different from lots of books. It isn’t like Harry Potter by any means but it is magical in its own way and we really enjoyed that.

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