Love Moderately

InĀ Romeo and Juliet the bishop Friar Lawrence tells Romeo before he marries Juliet to love moderately. Romeo and Juliet had not been loving moderately- they hadn’t even known each other for 24 hours and they were already getting married! I think that moderation in everything is good. As far as Romeo and Juliet go, I think if you’re emotions get too crazy they can actually be blinding. One challenge that I’ve heard about that is directed to couples is the challenge to not touch each other for one month- so like no hugging, holding hands, or kissing. A lot of times a hug or a kiss might send a person’s emotions off, and so they think they love someone when they really don’t; that’s why there was this one month challenge to help couples really have to get to know their partner better and determine if they actually like each other’s personalities. I think that moderation in everything helps you get the right balance in life and helps you see the full picture. This idea of moderation can be applied to everyone- we need to be able to have the right amount of everything to ensure that good things are still good; too much of a good thing can actually be bad. For example, if you are doing way too many sports you’ll not have enough social life with your family/friends, your academics may begin to struggle, and your body might get too worn out. You need to be able to find balance by doing everything in moderation.

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