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I am Shaylee. I am a reader of fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, romance every once and awhile, adventure, etc. So I basically like everything but textbooks. I learned to read the same time as everyone but didn’t start liking reading till third grade. Sure I read books but it was just because I was required to. One day I was supposed to choose a new book to read and I found a book by Chris D’Lacey called Icefire. Now this is the second book of the series the first is the Fire Within which is very boring in my opinion and is very confusing. I mostly like the same things that I liked back in my younger days. So not much has changed just my love for books. I like to read one book at a time but if I start reading and find something else I really wanna read I’ll start it and see which one pulls me in more, finish it, and come back to the other book later. Books are just basically an essential part of me. They are my friends and keep me from being/feeling alone. 🙂

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