Book Club Response 1

Loung, a five year old girl and her family world has been turned upside down. They had to leave their home and give up all of their belongings. Soldiers have taken over everything and they are forced to walk in the blazing hot sun for hours and hours each day. Loung does not understand exactly what is happening. Her older siblings don’t say much but they are doing everything that their father tells them to. Conditions keep getting worse and they have to do everything that the soldiers tell them to.  Pa, her father, gives everything to his family and is constantly making sure they are safe. As they walk for miles and miles each day Loung experiences things that no five year old should ever experience. People fall ill and their families drop their belongings and carry their loved ones. Loung has seen dead bodies left along the side of the path.

Loung Ung

Loung Ung was born in Cambodia, and this is the book about her life. Since she wrote this book based on her life, she does know a lot about her culture and where she came from.  It is a super interesting book and I cannot stop reading it. The way she writes makes it seem like you are right there with her. She decided to write this book because it could help others.

I have not finished the book yet. I cannot wait to finish the book. I know from the title that her father will die. I am predicting that some of her other family members will pass away as well.


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