Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone.

Romeo and Juliet are two teens who probably have a ton of hormones, and have mental issues. They hide everything they do from their parents then make horrible decisions. As a teen who has gone threw somewhat a lot of mental issues and problems, i know that hiding your problems and secrets isn’t a good idea even though at first it sounds logically right. You feel like you shouldn’t tell people about whats going on so that they won’t have to deal with your problems or have to see what you’re going threw. I’ve come to realize that if you do talk to others about what is going on you feel less alone and its easier to get past whatever you are going threw is. This apply’s to everyone, not just people with mental issues and such, but everyone. No matter if its a challenging test coming up or something you did wrong, you should always talk to someone about it.


  1. Ian Reply

    Woah gotta talk about the hormones, but ig its true they are still very young

  2. Darcy Reply

    I’ve definitely felt that way. I hurt myself right after my brother broke his leg and I didn’t want to feel like a burden to my parents with anything else so I just wouldn’t talk to them about stuff for a little bit while it was going wrong (don’t worry I eventually did a couple days later). Feeling like a burden is hard but we need to talk to people.

  3. Preston Reply

    Wow didnt even think about hormones and how that can effect people

  4. Adam Reply

    Now that I think of it, Middle School is the number one place that drives us to this kind of stress. Everybody feels judged, friends can be testy, it can be stressful.

  5. Porter Reply

    I feel the same way that the more others know about you the more they like you.

  6. Sebastian Reply

    I like what you said about teenagers

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