Book Club Response 1

Right now I’m on page 185 and the book is about this family that gets taken from their home in Lithuania by soviet union and has traveled in the back of a truck to a train station.  From the train station they traveled all the way to Siberia.  The train ride was tough and lots of people died.  When they got to the destination, they arrived to a camp with stacks for the people to live in while the soviet union get log cabins.   The soviets have been treating the people terribly and have made them work harder than they can.   The theme of this book so far is life is hard but you can get through the tough times.   This family didn’t know why they were taken and it’s really hard for them, but they have strengh

The author of this book is Ruta Sepetys and she was born in Michigan.  She has knowledge of Lithuania becuase she is a daughter a Lithuania refugee.  She is an author of historical fiction in over 60 countries and 40 languages.   She is also consider a croosover author.  She wrote this book because her grandfather was in the Lithuania army and as she visited Lithuania and learned more about her history, she wanted to write a book and it in fiction.

I think what’s coming up in this book is more hardship for the people at the camp.  I predict they will be done with the camp by the end of the book and their dad will be reunited with them.












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