What’s on my mind?

Right now what’s on my mind is that we as honors students should have more freedom, we should be able to eat food in here and listen to music while reading time or blog posts. Kind of a random thought but it would be nice. I also think that every friday we should have one hour flex for the whole school. They shoudl bring flex back, it was really fun. I can’t believe its already Friday today, wow!! I love fridays, they’re so nice, then we have even more freedom after school. I don’t really like school that much, it’s definintly boring, I hate being bored, it’s boring. I kind of want some food right now.  Taco Bell or Costa Vida sound SUPER DELICIOUS AND AMAZING right about now.  I love mexican food. Whether its good or it isn’t i still love mexican food. I can’t wait until we get out of school today.

2 thoughts on “What’s on my mind?

  1. Okay. I have some objections to what you’ve written here.
    1. Food. When did I ever tell you you couldn’t eat in class?
    2. Music requires phones and phones are the worst. So NO!
    3. Flex was not fun, nor was it effective. Everyone lost their minds during Flex time.
    3.a. What do you know about Flex anyway? None of the students in this building were here when we still had flex.
    4. I would like to respectfully disagree about Costa Vida. It sucks.
    5. Yes. Mexican food is good.

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