What’s on my mind?

Right now what’s on my mind is that we as honors students should have more freedom, we should be able to eat food in here and listen to music while reading time or blog posts. Kind of a random thought but it would be nice. I also think that every friday we should have one hour flex for the whole school. They shoudl bring flex back, it was really fun. I can’t believe its already Friday today, wow!! I love fridays, they’re so nice, then we have even more freedom after school. I don’t really like school that much, it’s definintly boring, I hate being bored, it’s boring. I kind of want some food right now.¬† Taco Bell or Costa Vida sound SUPER DELICIOUS AND AMAZING right about now.¬† I love mexican food. Whether its good or it isn’t i still love mexican food. I can’t wait until we get out of school today.

What’s This Got to do WIth Me

The story I was reading was lamb to the slaughter. This story is about a woman who murders her husband with a leg of lamb after she finds out that he wants to divorce her after a long day of work. She got upset with what he said and acted like she was getting ready to cook the meat and right when he was turned around, BAM!!! He dropped becuase she hit him. What this story has to do with me is that like sometimes we hear things or someone tells us something that we don’t always want to hear and sometimes it makes our emotions change. I think that even when we hear things that we don’t want to hear we have to somehow let it go and just go on with life and don’t let it change you forever unless its a reasonable cause. When you hear certain things don’t always take it the wrong way.

Suspense and Word Choice

Once upon a time, Kade Wills went to walmart. This wasn’t a normal walmart that this young man had stepped into, it was… Abandoned. Same with the whole entire city of Pleasant Grove. So Kade thought, ” I’m gonna hop up in my dads whip and drive around.” The sky was dark and gloomy and the clouds left no trace of a blue sky or even a source of light. It foggy everywhere and semmed as if trash were little people running around the streets. He started to drive around and he had never driven before, but that wasn’t a problem because the city was dead silent, noboby was there. Kade thought he was stuck in a dream, more of a nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. He slapped his face and did whatever he could to wake up. Nothing worked, this was real life. He finially wrapped his head around the idea that noboy was there with him and he could basicially do whatever he wanted. He went in and ate some crumbl cookies then got a pizza that was sill hot and ready. He ended up looking across the street and strolling into that walmart. It was cold, misty. He grabbed a coat and loaded up on doritos and mtn dew. he got a backpack and somehow managed to get a powerwheels car down from the shelves, the tractor and trailer of course. He was cruizing up and down the isles thinking about what he wanted. He grabbed a bike and some toys. He grabbed some chargers for his phone that was dead but then realized it was pointless because he couldnt do anything with it. He was speeding out of walmart and 5mph in his powerwheelz tractor with his snacks and toys but saw something strange…very strange. He saw a car slowly going up and down the parking rows as if there were cars there. Kade realized it was a cop. He gurgled up his juice box, grabbed his backpack and threw the snacks in it and started dead sprinting out to the street. The cop caught him, He look in the front seat and saw a man. His father! He was dreaming¬† after all.

Free! Body And Soul, Free!

Sometimes it is possible to feel trapped in something. On way a person can feel trapped is if they’re stuck in a situation and they can’t do anything to help it. They feel locked inside. Some ways that person will solve that feeling is to lock themselves in a room all by themselves and just think. They won’t let anyone talk to them sometimes. They need alone time and they try to get stuff off their mind. To truly feel free they have to do suff with themselves or even other people and work together to create a solution and make everything feel better. By working together, they could use each other’s ideas and work with eachother to find a solution to try and help this situation that they are in. When people work together the outcomes are ususally a little bit better so by working together with someone you can use eachothers work and ideas and solve your problem.

The First Story I Read

The first story I read was The Veldt by Ray Bradbury. The story is about how there is a very high tech house. In this house there is a room with tv screens for walls and whatever you want to see you think about and i pops up on the walls and makes it feel like you’re at that place that you wanted to see. Later on in the story, two parents find out that their kids have been watching dark things such as lions eating their prey and getting blood everywhere. So the parents think about what they found out and the father decides he wants to shut down this room that they call the nursery room.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have been reading the book called Michael Vey. This book is by Richard Paul Evans. I really love this book because it is one of a whole series. There are seven books and I am on book number six right now. I usually don’t like reading as much but when I read this series it makes me feel like I could sit down for hours and fall into this book and just keep reading. I started reading this whole series when i was in sixth grade. At first I struggled to start reading this series but when I finially finished the first book I just fell in love and haven’t stopped reading them ever since. When I first tried to read the very first book I couldn’t read even halfway through without stopping for some reason, and i wanted to change that. So what I did was i just kept reading, and reading, and reading. After some time I realized I was almost done with the book and I haven’t had trouble reading the books ever since.

What will the future be like?

I think the future will be a lot more advanced in technology but also in mechanics and in overall everything. Kind of like the article describes, I think houses will be alot more high tech with updated everything whether it’s cars, kitches, or even beds. I think that everything will be a lot more efficient in the future too. I feel like the world won’t be changed as much as it is now but the only thing that will change in my opinion is mostly technology and mechanics. I think cars will look a lot more updated and they will have more technology to stay safer. Then technology, I think computers and software will be a lot more advanced and they will have updated technology in everything. I also feel like there will be tons of new inventions that will make our live a whole lot easier and way better.

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

In the poem “There Will Come Soft Rains” by sara Teasdale she talks about some things in life that could possibly relate to things in the war. One thing that really stuck out to me was when she said that the swallows will be circling with their shimmering sound. I think that this could maybe be relating to when planes would fly over the battle field and drop bombs. This was about the time when planes and tanks were created so she could be relating to planes in the sky. Another thing that the author says is “Not on would mind, neither bird nor tree, If mankind perished utterly.” To me this means that after this war is over nobody will really care why they were fighting, they were just fighting to fight. Nobody will remember why and so this just overall relates the world to all life and trees and stuff.

What I’m doing right and What I can still do better.

This year some things I’ve been doing right are turning in assignments on time and paying better attentinon in class. So far in this ninth grade year I’ve been tons better at making sure my grades are better by staying caught up on assignments and making sure I’m focusing. So far when my grades get lower I go talk to my teachers and get the assignments that I’m missing turned in. I usually sort of struggle with focusing in class so this year I’ve been trying to get better at that too so I know what I’m supposed to be doing for homework and stuff like that. Some things I could do better are talking to my teachers a little bit more and making sure I’m always working harder then the previous day. I am LOVING ninth grade so far and I’m going to try and keep it that way by staying positive, staying caught up, and making sure I’m doing my homework.

Who am I as a Writer?

My first experience with writing was when I was in kindergarten. I went to preschool at my own house with m mom as my teacher with all of my friends. I remember we used to have cometitions who could write the most words in one minute and I had alot of wins in that but I absolutely loved writing in kindergarten. One thing with writing that I loved learning the most was in third grade. That was the year I learned how to write in cursive. I actually used to be really really good at cursive then I just never used it again and I am terrible with it now. Ever since junior high I haven’t really loved writing, I love typing though. It was kind of weird because my family says I have the best hand writing out of all my brothers and I personally don’t think my handwriting is that good but over the summer my hand writing gets super super terrible and then when school starts up again it gets better and better because I actually use handwriting in school for everything.