Love Moderately

In Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 scene 6, Friar Lawrence says that Romeo needs to love moderately. In context I think that he’s telling Romeo that it’s enough to just be in love, and act like normal rational people because there’s no reason to go to those extremes. I don’t think that Romeo and Juliet will take his advice because they’ve only talked a few times and they act like they love each other too much. I think they’re not very moderate people because they’re so young and it doesn’t help the situation at all. In order to be moderate people I think they’ll have to develop some maturity in order for the situation to end in “happily ever after.”

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Hatred is a very strong, and somewhat useless emotion that we all feel towards someone or something. However since it’s such a strong emotion sometimes it can get a bit irrational. I think that people are capable of hating another person so irrationally because maybe they remind them of someone that wronged them in the past, or maybe they said something rude to them in the 2nd grade, or maybe they just flat out hate them for absolutely no reason at all. For me personally I don’t “Hate” or “strongly dislike” a specific person, just people that do things that bug me, for instance, someone who is a VERY loud breather or a mouth breather get on my nerves. Yes the amount of hate I feel when someone does those things is very irrational. To get over this “hatred” I can realized that hey maybe they have a stuffy nose, or maybe nobodys perfect and I should just let it go and just learn to love them for who they are, and not how they breathe.

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Should schools still teach Shakespeare?

I think that schools should definitely still teach Shakespeare because it challenges the readers mind to look at things from a different perspective and beyond themselves. I also think that we should still teach it because you can teach it along with other more culturally diverse literature for a better deeper understand to everyone who reads it. I also think that it’s relatable and still relevant to this time period no matter who you are because people are the same even if it was 400 years ago we’re still doing the same things, just the details are different.

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What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

Some things that I have learned about people after doing the “Humans of PGJR” assignment is that a lot of people are experiencing a lot of the same emotions and struggles that I’m also going through. I also learned that I don’t know hardly anything about people, I’ve realized that everybody puts a mask on and shows everybody their best self and no one knows whats really going on in that persons life, and no one really bothers or cares to talk to them and find out who they really are as a person, and not just looking at them and assuming what they’re like. I’ve really enjoyed this assignment because it has enlightened me in several ways that are really beneficial.

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

So far this year in English I feel like I’ve done pretty well as far as my grades go and how well I’ve done on essays and other aspects of the class. However just like every other term, next term I want to work on my organization and making sure I’m caught up on everything in class. To achieve this goal I’ll have to actually try to stay organized and make sure that I prioritize the things that I need to get done so that I don’t end up falling behind. I’ll also need to make sure that I’m paying attention and participating in class so that I can learn something new in each lesson.

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What Makes A Person Great?

I think that some things that make a person great are a lot of the qualities that we see in Atticus from “To Kill A Mockingbird” and some of the things we read about in the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Some of those attributes are, Not caring what other people think about you but not being rude, and other things like treating everyone with respect, and getting along with everyone that you’re around. And how you can be willing to risk everything in order to get something done. All of these are great attributes that everyone is able to develop over time, and I think that both the poem and the book are great examples of what you can do with those qualities to become a better person.

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To Kill A Mockingbird Review

The Book- The book is based in the 1930’s and because of the time period it has a lot to do with racism in the south.  This book has a lot to do with the children’s father having to defend a colored man and everyone in that family ends up getting a lot of negative Input from the rest of the town.  I really enjoyed the book and all of the little things that Harper Lee was directing your thoughts towards, and some of the great messages that you can learn from reading it. Overall the book was great and definitely lived up to the reputation and I would recommend it to others looking for a good book to read.

The Film- The film was based on the book so it had included all of the big things into the movie, however if you were looking for all the little details in the film that were in the book, you’re not going to find them. Even without all of the little details the film was still great, and had all of the inspiring messages that the book had. It also really helps you to visualize what’s going on, since it was so long ago it can be hard to imagine certain aspects of the book, but the movie really does help with that. I would recommend watching the film after you’ve read the book because it was great as well.

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Good Stuff

“It’s not time to worry yet.” -Atticus Finch. This is a line repeated several times in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird.” But what exactly does it mean? At least in the context in chapter 22, Tom Robinson was just convicted and Jem, Scout, and Dill are very upset about it because they and everyone else knows that Tom Robinson is innocent and so Atticus says “It’s not time to worry yet.” When he says that he means that they don’t have anything to worry about because Atticus counts on having an appeal, so he says, It’s not time to worry yet.

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An Authority On Courage- Katniss Everdeen

I (Katniss Everdeen)  sat down and a girl started telling me about her situation and how she didn’t know what to do and how to be courageous. I told her a few simple things, such as,  If you don’t make a decision now then you’ll regret never making it in the future, and you have to live every moment as if it’s your last cause it very well could be. I also said to her that she shouldn’t be afraid of her fears and that they’re only there to give her strength and to help push her forward into new and better things. After that  I gave her different options of how she could act and what she could do making sure she well informed of her different options and sent her off to figure out her “battle plan.”

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Real Courage

“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do” This quote is similar to my belief on courage, because,  I think that courage is being able to do something that scares you, and this quote can relate to that definition because you could be scared cause you know you’re going to lose, but you’re still  brave enough to follow through and keep going on your mission.

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