Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

In To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus tells Scout that she can’t understand until she climbs into other people’s skin and walks around in it. That does not mean that she needs to literally wear someone else’s skin, it means that she needs to try and experience things from another person’s point of view, or show empathy. If everyone did this and thought about what other people were going through, before they said something, or acted on an idea, I personally think that everyone would be much happier, because no one is going to get their feelings hurt if something you say comes out wrong. Image result for empathy


Empathy is sharing and understanding other people’s emotions.  Being able to show empathy to others is important because it’s showing that you care about that person. Personally, I’ve had lots of experiences with empathy whether it was someone showed me empathy, or when I showed empathy to someone else.  An example of someone showing empathy to me was when my dog died, and I was really upset about it cause I’d had her my entire life, and my friend just comforted me cause it just so happened that her dog had died recently as well, so she was able to understand what I was going through and ultimately help me get through it.

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2nd semester goals and aspirations

During the 1st semester I did pretty good with all of my assignments and essays I was always caught up on my assignments, and I always did really good on them, but towards the end I had trouble staying organized, so this semester I’m going to try and stay more organized not only with my binder but also with my assignments and working on my organization in my essays and trying to participate more in class activities, and get to know other students so that I can learn more, and be able to understand the concepts we’re learning even better.

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The design thinking process

Using the design thinking process to me was very useful and I think it was for other people as well because we got to some parts of our presentation and just got stuck, when we referenced back to the design thinking process it really helped to get us going again and get to a point where we could understand how to continue in our presentation. We could definitely use this in our future because when we start applying for scholarships a lot of the time we’re going to have to write essays and this process can really help get us organized and overall help us to achieve a higher score and maybe even get into our dream school.

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Thanks Giving Words of The Week

It’s Thanks Giving break and it pretty much means its your one and only time to be reclusive for a couple days. Until the big day comes along and you’re forced to socialize with your repugnant great aunt Jane, who obviously doesn’t know what a tooth brush is. Even though it’s one of the most time consuming and mentally straining times of the year, having you’re entire extended family in one house, you wouldn’t have it any other way, cause lets be honest even though our families can be tough we love them no matter what.Image result for thanksgiving

Promoting Change

Is it our responsibility to promote change in our society? My opinion is that it is not just 1 person doing all the work to change something, it’s everyone. Everyone has to do something if they really want change. Part of that includes the government, I feel like they are the people who really have the power to change something easily, but they aren’t the only people who can, everyone has to be willing to make a change personally and in society. We can make a change in our society by volunteering to help someone or noticing people who are struggling and being willing to help them move forward.

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The search for the perfect book

The book I found was called Stardust. It caught my attention cause the summary of what it is about is very interesting, it has a lot to do with fantasy and fiction and as far as the description went there’s probably going to be some romance as well. If you like those kinds of books I would recommend checking this out.  Some of the reviews said, the book takes you back to a time when the world was more magical. Others say it’s a mixture between L. Frank Baum, The brothers Grimm, and a Tim Burton movie script. If you liked Alice in Wonderland you’ll probably enjoy this as well.

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How I define equality

My definition of equality is, kindness. Often times when some people are acting superior it makes others feel bad or make them feel like they want to be like that person, so if we all thought about others and thought about what we’re doing and how it could make others feel, I think that everybody would feel better. The same goes for people who are struggling more than others, like, Homeless people, People with special needs, etc. If everyone treated those people with kindness and respect and tried to help them in anyway they could, and didn’t act as if they were superior in anyway this world would be a lot happier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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I was walking down the alley on my way home from a friends house not knowing how much danger I was actually in. It’s late at night and I’m all alone, that doesn’t bother me until I see the crowd of ominous people all staring at me, I start walking faster, they start chasing after me, I can feel their breath on the back of my neck, I take off running in fear of something horrible. I find my way to the woods, where I find a hiding spot. feeling less apprehensive I calm down and get ready to keep walking home. Suddenly I hear footsteps. Is it them? I have to hide! But wait these footsteps are louder and more deliberate. That’s when I realize that the people were warning me about going into the woods during bear season.  I peek out my head to see what it is. ITS A MASSIVE BEAR! I take off running as fast as I can but the bear is faster, he catches up to me in no time. And that’s when I take my very last breath.

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The sticky issue of Equality

Equality is the fact that everyone is created equal and no one person or group of people is more important than another, with this being said why is it such a hard concept for people to understand or listen to? My opinion on this is that we either make ourselves the ones getting our feelings hurt and put ourselves in that situation or were the ones saying and doing mean things to make other people feel that way. I don’t really think the government has anything to do with it, unless we lived in a dictatorship,  its all based on us and how we treat others around us. We can choose to help those who are needing help or we can completely ignore them and make them feel hopeless. This country would be a lot better place with less fighting if everyone believed and acted like things like race, religion, and wealth didn’t matter, people just need to be more caring for others without acting superior.

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