October 2

What I’ve Been Reading

i have read 3 books so far this year and i have been improving because i have been finishing my books faster and i have been i have read false prince witch was a fun book because there was a surprise half way though what i like about this book is how couscous that this make it and that i makes me what to keep reading because it is always make me want to know what happens next also i have been reading a book called steel heart and so far it has been a good book but i am not that far in the book so i don’t know if it is a good book or not

September 24

i can use fugitive language

So I enjoy fishing and the very first time I ever caught a fish we were going to a little thing called Huck fin days. The cloud were as grumpy as my dad when he does not get his doctor pepper. The first time I ever caught a fish was with my bare hand and I went for that fish with my bare hand like a lion hunting for food. When I caught it it was as slimy as a snail and afterwards we deside  to go cut it so we can cook and eat it and it was as gross as a dirty toe nail probably because  I don’t really like that many type of fish so when I ate it it tasted nasty.

September 16

in this Sara is trying to get across that if we are foolish and fight and kill our self’s then nature will move on without us because. and she is trying to tell us that if we keep fighting then nature will not care when we are gone so that we need to stop fight because in our world today we have so much fight and war  between country’s so what she is pretty much saying we can fight all we want but nature would be just fine with out us in the world so it is all a matter of us and what we want out of this world

September 6

small improvements

i’m going to keep up on my homework i will help me keep good grade in my classes so i can pass school because i have barely passed because i suck a getting homework done the way i will keep up on is by having a paper that i will wright down every class and then write what homework i have for that day and so far that has worked pretty well because i have a’s in most of my classes

September 4

my reading journey

my experience with reading over all is meh i don’t love reading but i don’t hate reading i really only start reading by choose with out a teacher telling me i have to read a minimum amount of books this summer because for the first time this summer i finally read a book all the way throw without stopping because i don’t like the book as a kid i hated books because i was not good at reading at all micheal vey  and wonder are the to books that stands out in my head now i don’t hate book but i still don’t love them

August 28

all about me

Welcome hi my name is Braxton some things i like to do are Crossfit eat costa vida witch is a workout class that you do weight lifting and cardiovascular movements and gymnastic movements and costa vida is the best restraint on earth and i love turtle because they are the cute thing on plant earth and i like playing rainbow 6 siege witch is a video game were you are put into a real scenario about saving a hostage this blog will be used to post my writing assignments  that that i am working on in school and so blog stuff