“Free! Body and soul free!”

What does it mean to be free, well you’re not trapped inside and you feel how you want to feel. When your not free you feel trapped and locked down inside you. But when you’re free you have the power in you to do what you want, your rules and it’s up to you. In the short story ” The Story Of An Hour” a women has just learned that her husband is dead and at first she feels really sad, but then she starts to feel free and she knows she can do what she wants because she is free.


The story I enjoyed most was “August 2026: There will come soft rains”. The reason why I liked that one the most was that there was a lot of authors craft such as similes and metaphors and so on. What I also liked was just the base of the story and how well written it was. There were a couple questions that needed to have some explaining to do but the story was pretty good. What I liked the most out of the story was how much detail that was put into it by the author. And that is the story I enjoyed most.


There are lots of things to be grateful for like the internet and so on and so on, what i’m grateful for is the opportunity to go to school and to learn. I’m also grateful for the gratefulness that there is because without it we would have a dark and terable world, you know if we didn’t give thanks people would be in misery, speaking of misery if we didn’t have that there would be no balance in this world and balance reminds me that if we did not have some type of balance the world would get of hand and speaking of the world getting out of hand I am so grateful that we are not dead right now because of the world getting out of hand


In today’s world and society we think to quickly to think or judge corectly sometimes. Such as when your the cool popular one but read hundreds of books, people (such as the friend you hangout with all the time) judge to quickly and say wow you must not have a life, we must really not be this way. As a soccer player I get judged extremly hard because most people in america don’t play soccer so some say, oh soccer is stupid or I hate it, well have they actualy played it before? We shouldn’t judge someone for what we think.

Suspence and word choice in a freewrite



Day 7

Location: unknown


Ryu Jin was so close but yet so far from where he was. Not only did his ship blow up, but the Indians could possibly not give another chance at the mission to find the rogue rover in the sea. 


Location: Houston, NASA headquarters, USA


Ryu Jin came to NASA for one thing, to find the Japanese rover in the atlantic ocean. Sergio Herrera the designer for NASA was who Ryu needed. Mike Stones was the director of NASA. Stones and Ryu were trying to make an agreement on when this rover would be launched. “I can have the rover launched in in three weeks” said Stones. “I need it done in two weeks tops.” Said Jin furiously. They finally made an agreement on three weeks.



Chinese Space Headquarters


Sihimbade had other allies than the americans, they had the Chinese to steal the Japanese’s missing treasure in the sea.  What Sihimbade was looking for was a bigger engine and a ship that can last long enough in earth’s atmosphere. Chow Ming was happy to help the indians with their project. Chow Ming was the Chinese space director in Beijing China. What Sihimbade was looking for was something small and not a lot of weight so the spacecraft could fly in the Earth’s atmosphere long enough so it can drop the rover in the sea so it can find the missing rover that he was looking for. His crew was in cuba for a surprise attack on the Japanese and awaiting orders from Sihimbade. 


Ryu Jin knew what Sihimbade was up to, so he came down to china to get extra missiles and thrusters for his ship. But he was also trying to steal  his plans because he knew that Sihimbade was so very creative at his plans. Ryu Jin wanted to the launch of his ship in cuba close to where this rover was supposed to be if he thought right. That night Jin was talking to himself saying I think I got a good lead to finding this rover Ryu. He thought. When he went to bed  he suddenly had a vision of the rover sinking in the ground  in the very east side of the bermuda triangle. Once then he got up out of his bed and rushed to get a plane for america. 

The indians were in france looking for allies and when they went on 

the streets to ask for help, people thought they were dumb because a mob of police captured them and  chained up in the middle of the city.


Ryu Jin was at the airport in houston to go to the NASA headquarters to have the rocket launch change course. When he got there he told mike stones about his vision and what Ryu didn’t know about was that somehow Sihimbade was listening to the conversation that they were having.  When he found out what the two were talking about he went to the chinese and told them about the course change and exe. The chinese were excited to hear that news because they didn’t want to waste money on a non useful project. 


NASA was going to play a trick about the launch and the date. What they did was  set the date for half a year later so the indians would be fooled and think that they have all the time in the world. NASA was ready to launch in a month, and they thought everything was going to be all right for them.





Sihimbade was not fooled by the dumb announcement that NASA and stones were up to. Something even foolish that he did was set a fake date as a joke, and said that he was going to launch his rocket in 8 months.

Somehow Stones bought that joke and was really going to launch their rocket in half a year. And the indians were going to release the rocket in two weeks. When the chinese found out about that they immediately told the indians right away. 


As two weeks past Ryu Jin still didn’t find anything about the launch until that morning. The news always has to find out about everything that goes on in the world, so they found out about the launch and Ryu Jin found out and was going to launch their rocket the day after Sihimbade would launch his rocket. And so he thought he had a chance to do things right and get this done.


When Sihimbade said this he wanted to get a water team to go to Cuba ASAP to see where the rover was and maybe take the rover with them. When his team did go to the the ocean where the rover was, it wasn’t there. When they got back  the swimmers told Sihimbade that th rover was not there. 









When this popped out on the news, Ryu Jin hurried to get to Sihimbade and find out if this is really true. Once Sihimbade said it was true, everyone gave up.




1st term business

I feel like I have given my best effort in this class so far, I’ve turned in all my assignments. And i feel like that my greatest sucsess is just getting through and doing everything that i’m told to do you know. And I feel like I don’t need to work on anything else in this class. Also I feel like I have had growth since the start of school. What I want to acomplish for 2nd term is get everything done and put that little extra into the class. That’s how i feel about this class and this next term.


Is Technology good for us??

Technology is like our go to these days. People rely on it so much it’s getting out of hand, we generally use it to much. In a article it states that “more than half of the 143 particiants said that tech devices interupt their leisure time conversations, and meals with their significant other.” That is called “technoference”, it interupts what we are doing and it makes us be on our phones. Another diagnostic called “nomophobia” it’s were we feel the panic of being disconected from our phone or tablet. With technology growing and the rising of a new generation we should maybe be carefull with the way we use technology.



All Summer In A Day- By Ray Bradbury:  This story is about kids on the planet Venus who so desperatly want to see the sun, because it has been raining for 7 years. Margot one of the main characters. She fortunatly has seen the sun but the other kids who have been there their whole life don’t know what its like to see the sun so she gets picked a lot for what she says about the sun. But when the sun is close to coming out the kids put Margot in the closet so she doesn’t get that chance of seeing the sun. What I liked most was the detail and description the author puts into the story. What I dislike is how mean the kids are to Margot.



I’ve only been reading one book, but its a good book. It’s called “when the sky fell on splendor”. It’s about a group of kids who seem to have gotten abducted by aliens. when they come back to earth six hour later they have no memory of what happened and they try to tell the whole town that aliens are real but they have no footage. Anyways it a good book and i would recommend it to others.

Little Jimmy’s fist time. (using figurative language)

Beep, beep, beep, time to get up said the alarm as. When Jimmy got out of bed he was so tired he fell on the floor and went back to sleep. A couple of minuets later his dad coming and picking him up to the car. Today little Jimmy for the first time would get to ski the slopes of shimmering white snow. Once he was fully awake he had realized that they were already at the resort. His dad hissed at him to get dressed and he quickly did. when he stepped outside the air was warm like a perfect day in spring. It wasn’t very crowded today, after all it was a school day for the children, busy as a bees are while little Jimmy was spoiled having a nice day at the ski resort. Once he got in line for the lift he realized that the lift was going as slow as a tortoise. Finally when he got to the top of the mountain he started to go down and down, soon his mother and father realized he was a natural. At the end of the day little Jimmy didn’t want to leave. But after some convincing he left and he had the perfect day.