What do you think a hero is? Who do you think a hero is. Because I think that a hero isn’t someone who wears a cap and flies around. A hero isn’t someone who brags about saving someone just to get popular. To me, a hero is someone who is willing to help those in need. For example, I know that my mother, is a hero. She does so much for me and my siblings that I can’t imagine her not as a hero. Most people think hero’s should be brave and strong but have you heard of reflections. It’s a contest held every year with different themes at almost all the schools I know. The theme this is ‘hero’s among us.’ I want to enter something that shows that every hero has a heart. Also, that hero’s are everywhere, and it’s hard to tell who is a true hero because for hero’s, it’s normal to be kind. It’s normal to help someone without expecting anything in return. So you can think that a hero is someone who flies around using super power, but to me, most people are hero’s. They just don’t know it.

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