What I look For In A Good Character

I look for a character that is shy buy wants to do lots of things with people, and objects. A character who is having a romantic relationship that is a love triangle or more. I like the character more when they have struggles and problems that they have to work through because I relate to that. When the character just had something awful happen and they are really sad, but they stay to it and get through to the end. And I end up caring about the character more when they are clueless to somethings that is going on in the book and you want to help them because that’s what they would do for you because they are super nice and caring. I just look for a character who is relatable in the as many ways as they can be.

Why We Read

We read because when we read it helps us feel free, different, understanding, or empathetic. We like the feelings that we get from reading and it comforts us. It helps our brains develop and make our understanding and knowledge continue to grow at an accelerated rate. It was a way to pass the time through labors or difficult times, and to pass on stories from generation to generation, It makes us known to the people who come after us and who came before us by a couple of years. It helps you know about who your ancestors were, what they did, and where they were born.

The Best Book I Have Ever Read

The most memorable book I have ever read is called When You Reach Me. Its about this girl in middle school who is having the wackiest time. There is a crazy man on her street that they sometimes call kicker because he will walk around his little area and kick wildly into the air. It talk about time travel and how complex it is and it is included in the book. The main character works for a sandwich place where she, and her friends, make sandwiches for people and help out the busy own to make a few bucks. I would recommend this book if you like mystery, foreshadowing, and romance. Otherwise this book is probably not for you.