Tell Me About It

This morning I was thinking about how many days till Christmas. Not for the presents, or the candy, or whatever it is, but to be able to wake up that morning when its cold with snow and I snuggle up in a blanket and get over one of the heaters and just sit in this super cozy place while waiting to see my siblings so happy at their presents they got. It is just one of the best feelings in the world when everything is calm and its just so nice and peaceful. P.S. there are 39 days left till Christmas.

What I’m Reading

        Right now I am currently reading the first Harry Potter book. I chose this book because I have not read it and I’ve been meaning to for awhile. So far I have really liked it and it is meeting my expectations. I like how it starts out with a kid with a “not so lucky” lucky life but its better than he thinks. And its about this kid named Harry Potter who finds out hes a wizard and goes to a wizarding school called Hogwarts where some peculiar things happen to him. And he has to over come some challenges that come his way.

Who Am I As A Reader

        I am a reader who like the book to go on and not really slow down. I like it when my stories don’t slow down and have a lot of deep slow parts. I am a very picky reader and I can’t read books if I don’t want to read it, if I don’t want to read it but it takes me forever. Though my favorite genre is probably teenager romance where the teenagers are shy and it gets together and they love each other in the end. So basically I am a critic as a reader and if I don’t get sucked in I only judge the book.