How I Will Dominate During Term 4

So far I am proud of the fact that I have gotten mostly 3’s/90-95% and 4’s/100% because I like to get A’s and better grades but something I am not proud of is that I forget to do the homework till the night before or during English so I don’t get it done. My goal for 4th term is to remember to do my homework and to do it the day I get it if at all possible, if not then, then the next day and turn it in on time. I want to strengthen this aspect of my work ethic so that in High School I will be able to turn in all my assignments and get really good grades.

How I feel about To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It makes all the childhood memories and fun times brought back in a different point of view. The fact that it is so realistic about things that happen and thoughts on people that you think are weird and creepy when its just your imagination playing games just makes it a really fun read. When we first started reading this I though that this was another reading assignment on a book I had heard good things from but it is so worth it. The only thing I disliked (spoiler)  was that Arthur “Boo” Radley was only seen in the end.

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

On page 246 in To Kill a Mockingbird It says “We’re making a step–it’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” said Miss Maudie in the book To Kill a Mocking Bird. This is powerful because she’s talking about racism and how from that court case they made a baby step to stopping racism. I picked this quote because if your going through hard times, not necessarily racism, you can get through them one step at a time if you take little baby steps instead of trying to handle it all at once, and the effect the quote had on me as a reader is that all the really difficult things in life, racism, could have been conquered and fixed just by little baby steps.

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

My Dad is the person that comes to mind. He is always willing to do the gross stuff and do the good things when no one is looking. So I think that he would say is it really that bad, just get it over with, a few moments of suffering for a bunch of grateful people. He would also say if you need me to, I’ll come along and help when ever you need it. I think that knowing that you wouldn’t be doing this alone would make it a lot easier to do because you know that there right with you.

Blind Spots

I think that you can still be a good person with blind spots. Its like being in a car, when you get in an accident because of your blind spot it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, it just means that you got unlucky or weren’t super careful. People with blind spots may be good people but they could have there beliefs which could be different from yours. Them being different doesn’t mean that there bad. On the flip side though if your blind spot is something as bad as lynching someone then there are some problems. If your blind spots are worse than that then I wouldn’t call you a good person with blind spots.

Real Courage

Atticus Finch, in the book To Kill A Mocking Bird, says that courage is “…when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.” And this is a very good definition of courage but it is different from mine because you could be licked because your doing something bad and getting up at that point would be foolish. My definition of courage is just elaborating on Atticus’ and I would add that true courage is doing the right thing no matter what happens, no matter how bad it may seem and you do it anyway.


I think that it is worth it to try something even if you know you’re going to fail. Failure is the best teacher and when you fail you learn from that experience. The reward from trying and failing is worth so much but you should not risk injury or danger. In the book “To Kill A Mocking Bird” it mentions that this is what Atticus believes and this makes him very courageous to put himself in failures way. Later in the book it mentions that Atticus wanted Jem to learn a lesson about true courage and I think that is shows that Atticus is very courageous and stands for his beliefs and that he is very persistent in following them.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

        Atticus telling Scout to “…climb into his skin and walk around in it.” is telling her that you have to see people views on things from their point of view. That you shouldn’t just judge people based on your belief window on what you think is right. And this will help scout to get along with all kinds of folks because she won’t be so harsh with her words when she first meets them and can try to think of things in the way that the acquaintance would think.  I have done this and it has helped me to be more careful with the words that I say and that this is a true statement and that you will meet lots of new people and be able to talk nicely to them.

Beliefs And Actions

        “Belief Windows” are what shape our actions by what we think is right. It is what decides your decisions every minute of every hour of every day. It is important to know what you believe because if you don’t you will make stupid decisions without knowing why you did it. The beliefs you have will determine whether or not you will do the right thing or you will do the stupid thing that has really bad consequences that could ruin your life. The beliefs you have will be the ones you want to keep and the ones that will determine who you like to talk to, who you like to hang out with, who you think you can trust, etc. You beliefs are very important to who you are, and who your going to become.

How I Did During First Term

During the first term I did good on doing the blogs and trying to get them done. I was good at listening and helping during the term. I did struggled with getting my blogs to be good in my opinion and getting a “perfect” picture. I hope to get better at making my blogs interesting and fun to read with an eye catching picture. My goal is to make really good, and well written blog posts that make people interested and want to comment. I will know that I improved by how many comments I get on my blog posts.