I’m A Big Kid Now!

This year I’ve grown about 3 inches, so its getting pretty serious. As a student I have improved so much, I started with up to par grades and ended with all A’s and -A’s which I am proud of. I have accomplished my goal of ending my personal procrastination and hope to get it to doing the work right as I get it. Something I need to work on is getting more sleep. I have not had a lot of sleep recently and its really taken its toll on me. I am so much different from the beginning of the year than I am now.

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun; Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone

I think people don’t tell secrets because they are too afraid of the outcome. In the play Romeo & Juliet, both Romeo and Juliet start keeping secrets from everyone around them. This ends up in both of them dead. I think we can relate to this because of people committing suicide. The people that do that are usually the people who don’t say things. I think the reason why is because they don’t know how people will react to them telling these secrets but if we just go and talk about it, it will help with many, many problems. Talking to others will help us keep realistic perspective on things and not jump to conclusions with bad, or even fatal, consequences. It is the best way to find the best way out of trouble some situations.

Love Moderately

In the play Romeo & Juliet, right before they get married Friar Lawrence says that they should love moderately. I think he is saying that they need to calm down once they get married or bad things could happen to the both of them. I do not think that Romeo will not take the advice because he is so in love with Juliet. But Juliet is more moderate than Romeo so she might heed to the warning. Romeo is not moderate, he wanted to get married right away and wants things immediately while Juliet said that they were rushing into it and that they should slow down. I think that they will not take Friar Lawrence’s warning to love moderately and not end up joyful. I think this can apply to Jr. High and High school students because they just want to get things done and just want fun but instead we should take things at a moderate pace.


I personally don’t hate people but I think that other people end up hating people for the same reason that people want to get revenge, because something happened to them before. The other group of people who hate for no reason, I have no answer for that. I person I strongly dislike is someone specific that just gets on my nerves very, very quickly. They always act smug and it gets annoying so my disliking of them is not irrational, I have a reason. I think there is a way to get past this, its not easy, but there’s a way. What you have to do is step in there shoes for a bit and once you do that it makes it easier for you to find things about them that you don’t hate and you can focus on those more instead of the things you hate.

Everything I Know or Think I Know About William Shakespeare

I know that William Shakespeare was one of the greatest play writers in history creating several master pieces consisting of tragedies and comedies. All though we don’t know when he was born, we do know the time period of which he lived. One of his best known tragedies is Romeo and Juliet. In 6th grade I performed one of his comedies called A Midsummer’s Night Dream. In the play there are many people falling in love with each other making a love hexagon and one of the people in the love hexagon is a guy named Bottom who is turned into a donkey. I think studying Shakespeare will be confusing at first because of all the intricate words that he uses and the similar names that are used, but I think that we will accomplish better writing and perhaps story writing because of this experience. I think it will be exciting to see how they wrote so long ago.


The benefits of self assessing yourself include you learn more from your mistakes and you have more understanding of the mistakes and errors that you made instead of just your teacher telling you you got the problems wrong or you didn’t do that good. When you self assess you are able to catch your own mistakes and fix them before you get them wrong and you are able to know why and what you did to make that mistake and what to do to fix it. When we self assess we learn faster than just being told the right answer and the right way to fix the problem and become more successful.

How I Will Dominate During Term 4

So far I am proud of the fact that I have gotten mostly 3’s/90-95% and 4’s/100% because I like to get A’s and better grades but something I am not proud of is that I forget to do the homework till the night before or during English so I don’t get it done. My goal for 4th term is to remember to do my homework and to do it the day I get it if at all possible, if not then, then the next day and turn it in on time. I want to strengthen this aspect of my work ethic so that in High School I will be able to turn in all my assignments and get really good grades.

How I feel about To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill a Mocking Bird is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It makes all the childhood memories and fun times brought back in a different point of view. The fact that it is so realistic about things that happen and thoughts on people that you think are weird and creepy when its just your imagination playing games just makes it a really fun read. When we first started reading this I though that this was another reading assignment on a book I had heard good things from but it is so worth it. The only thing I disliked (spoiler)  was that Arthur “Boo” Radley was only seen in the end.

Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

On page 246 in To Kill a Mockingbird It says “We’re making a step–it’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” said Miss Maudie in the book To Kill a Mocking Bird. This is powerful because she’s talking about racism and how from that court case they made a baby step to stopping racism. I picked this quote because if your going through hard times, not necessarily racism, you can get through them one step at a time if you take little baby steps instead of trying to handle it all at once, and the effect the quote had on me as a reader is that all the really difficult things in life, racism, could have been conquered and fixed just by little baby steps.

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

My Dad is the person that comes to mind. He is always willing to do the gross stuff and do the good things when no one is looking. So I think that he would say is it really that bad, just get it over with, a few moments of suffering for a bunch of grateful people. He would also say if you need me to, I’ll come along and help when ever you need it. I think that knowing that you wouldn’t be doing this alone would make it a lot easier to do because you know that there right with you.