How I Did During First Term

During the first term I did good on doing the blogs and trying to get them done. I was good at listening and helping during the term. I did struggled with getting my blogs to be good in my opinion and getting a “perfect” picture. I hope to get better at making my blogs interesting and fun to read with an eye catching picture. My goal is to make really good, and well written blog posts that make people interested and want to comment. I will know that I improved by how many comments I get on my blog posts.

1% Gain

        1% gains are a major minor decision that we should be making in our lives. One of the goals I can make is to play less video games. I play way to much and need to take it down a notch so I don’t fail in school. One of the changes I can make to make this goal happen is to make a checklist of all the things I need to do before I can get on the computer and play. This will pay off in the future because I will be more willing to work hard and to do the assignments that were given to me instead of doing something for a small pleasure in life and it will help me with my addiction of playing video games.

The Sticky Issue of Equality

        Equality is people being able to do the same thing, go to the same places, use the same restrooms, etc. and not be punished for it. Its when people, “black” or “white”, are equal and not separate. If people are separate but “equal” this will almost always result in one side not being as good, and the other one will always better off. Laws that make people “equal” but say that they have to be separated usually won’t be enforced because it is almost impossible to do so, and that if your separated you won’t be equal because you have to use different things like the drinking fountains and schools, which can be in worse condition.

Tell Me About It

This morning I was thinking about how many days till Christmas. Not for the presents, or the candy, or whatever it is, but to be able to wake up that morning when its cold with snow and I snuggle up in a blanket and get over one of the heaters and just sit in this super cozy place while waiting to see my siblings so happy at their presents they got. It is just one of the best feelings in the world when everything is calm and its just so nice and peaceful. P.S. there are 39 days left till Christmas.

What I’m Reading

        Right now I am currently reading the first Harry Potter book. I chose this book because I have not read it and I’ve been meaning to for awhile. So far I have really liked it and it is meeting my expectations. I like how it starts out with a kid with a “not so lucky” lucky life but its better than he thinks. And its about this kid named Harry Potter who finds out hes a wizard and goes to a wizarding school called Hogwarts where some peculiar things happen to him. And he has to over come some challenges that come his way.

Who Am I As A Reader

        I am a reader who like the book to go on and not really slow down. I like it when my stories don’t slow down and have a lot of deep slow parts. I am a very picky reader and I can’t read books if I don’t want to read it, if I don’t want to read it but it takes me forever. Though my favorite genre is probably teenager romance where the teenagers are shy and it gets together and they love each other in the end. So basically I am a critic as a reader and if I don’t get sucked in I only judge the book.

The Power of Words

        Authors use wonderful words to make us feel. They use sad words to describe what is going on at a funeral or the death of a loved one. Happy words are used to make you feel that your at a party or at Christmas when you unwrap your presents. Words or phrases like the door creaked as the creature open the door to your room cause suspense and fear. They make us feel that we are the character feeling those feelings and that we feel happy, sad, scared, etc. at those moments while reading. They influence us but using words that explain the mood in its fullest and that make us feel it in the fullest.

What Kind of Writer Am I

        To be honest, I, as a writer, am not good at it, I don’t have creative wording as I write. Its usually straight forward not creative and written well. Using pronouns like I, me, my, etc. is a weakness of mine and I use those words to often. And continuing after a sentence that would make a great last sentence is difficult. Continuing in general is sometimes difficult. I mostly suffer with continuing the main idea, making it interesting, fun and catchy, and NOT boring. This causes me not not enjoy my own work because it just isn’t fun to read. I need to make it more fun to read and more interesting to the reader.

How I Felt About the First Story

In the story “The Black Cat” I liked how it had lots of suspense and the story kept driving on, it didn’t slow down and stop to talk about some little details. I didn’t like how the main character killed his wife and killed his cat for the dumbest reasons. Another thing that drove me crazy was that the man was dumb enough to get drunk all the time and never be happy which got bad enough for him to get rid of the things that he held most dear to him. Some things I want to discuss with my group are why did the guy get so drunk all the time, how did the cat come back alive or was it just its doppelganger, and did the black cat cause bad luck like it is rumored to do.

What I look For In A Good Character

I look for a character that is shy buy wants to do lots of things with people, and objects. A character who is having a romantic relationship that is a love triangle or more. I like the character more when they have struggles and problems that they have to work through because I relate to that. When the character just had something awful happen and they are really sad, but they stay to it and get through to the end. And I end up caring about the character more when they are clueless to somethings that is going on in the book and you want to help them because that’s what they would do for you because they are super nice and caring. I just look for a character who is relatable in the as many ways as they can be.