Word Nerd 2.6

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale page 165 “the linder that sleeps, that is good and sound, has fissure in just the right places, but not too many.” Their words- a long, narrow opening or line of breakage made by cracking or splitting, especially in rock or earth. My words- a narrow opening in a rock  

Deep thinker 2.1

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale page 150 “Now, smart meant to Miri the talent to think around a new problem and to learn new things.” What is happening at this point in the story is Miri and the other girls ran away from the academy and went home to there village and Miri was trying…

Word Nerd 2.4

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale page 78 “She was plaiting miri stems to keep from appearing to interested.” Their words-make something by forming material into a plait or plaits. My words- forming something into a plait or plaits