Poetry Anthology

Poetry can represent a lot of emotions. Happy, sad, angry, glad. I have chosen “The battlefield” by Emily Dickinson. Not because of Battlefield One on xBox One, but because of my huge interest in the World Wars. This poem is sort of about that. Enjoy.

I Am Mark

I am a builder and a gamer

I wonder if I’ll ever get my own computer

I hear the humming of LED lights that have been on too long

I am a builder and a gamer


I pretend I care (at least in Math)

I feel hot my Seattle sweatshirt, but I want to represent

I touch keys, but feel like walking

I worry someday I’ll slow down

I cry June 31, I’ve been told I have ice water in my veins

I am a builder and a gamer

I understand gaming doesn’t may not take you places, but I’m Felix would’ve said the same

I say do what makes you happy, but not something that you’ll regret

I dream about being a revolutionary (literally I dreamed it last night)

I try to be grateful, to say my please and thank you’s

I am a builder and a gamer

My poem

They dropped like flakes. They dropped like stars,

Like petals from a rose

When suddenly across the June

A wind with fingers goes.

They perished in the seamless grass,-

No eye could find the place;

But God on his repealless list

Can summon every face.

This poem is about WW1. They dropped like flakes, referring to machine gun fire as commanders would cry to go over the top. Perished in seamless grass, refers to the empty fields they dug into and fought for 4 years in. Summon every face, says god remembers all of the dead soldiers.

Advice poem

Stupid people

Their minds are flying like a kite

They say that you are idiotic

They look ready for a fight

So when confronted with stupid people

Smile, and know you’re right.

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