Navajo Tribe

The Navajo Tribe

Navajo means “take from field”


Navajo Homes

The Navajo tribe lived in Southern Utah.  They lived in a hogan. It is a domed-shape house supported by wood frames and clay on the outside. The door always faced the East.


Navajo Food

They ate a lot of squash, corn, and beans. They also hunted animals like deer and prairie dogs. They always ate fresh food.


Navajo Art

They weaved rugs with a pretty design. That is one way they are super popular because of their art. There is more! They also made pottery with crazy designs. Some look like a picture!


Navajo Facts

Did you know the Navajo tribe is one of the largest tribes in America? I think that’s crazy! Also, they lived in Colorado, Mexico, and Arizona.


Navajo Clothing

Their clothing is very colorful. They also made very colorful jewelry. The Navajo made really big rugs made of buffalo hide. I bet their rugs were really cool.



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