Sports are apart of my life

Sports apart of me life because it makes me feel good inside because it lets me concentrate on the game. Another thing that makes me feel good is when my family or my cousins watch. But I love when I get new sports gear cause it makes me want to play even more. The more I think about It makes me feel good inside. Ad that is true.


  Also another reason sports are apart of my life is because it is a great workout. Why sports are a great workout is because in almost all sports have running in it and when you run a lot it really strengthens your legs. This connects to to football and baseball because I run a lot in football, and in baseball I run to get the ball and I run the bases. This shows that sports are a great


workout because I am pretty strong.

Most of all sports lets me know that nothing is wrong. Because sports has one meaning the word fun! And I am not joking. If I got in trouble earlier that day. I don’t even worry about anything. Also in sports if you make a mistake it is ok because no one will get mad at you. If I make a mistake my teammates will tell me it is ok. The important thing about this is, sports let me know nothing is wrong. Now that I realize this I know I have made many mistakes in all sports I play.

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