Sports are apart of my life

Sports apart of me life because it makes me feel good inside because it lets me concentrate on the game. Another thing that makes me feel good is when my family or my cousins watch. But I love when I get new sports gear cause it makes me want to play even more. The more I think about It makes me feel good inside. Ad that is true.


  Also another reason sports are apart of my life is because it is a great workout. Why sports are a great workout is because in almost all sports have running in it and when you run a lot it really strengthens your legs. This connects to to football and baseball because I run a lot in football, and in baseball I run to get the ball and I run the bases. This shows that sports are a great


workout because I am pretty strong.

Most of all sports lets me know that nothing is wrong. Because sports has one meaning the word fun! And I am not joking. If I got in trouble earlier that day. I don’t even worry about anything. Also in sports if you make a mistake it is ok because no one will get mad at you. If I make a mistake my teammates will tell me it is ok. The important thing about this is, sports let me know nothing is wrong. Now that I realize this I know I have made many mistakes in all sports I play.

Navajo Tribe

The Navajo Tribe

Navajo means “take from field”


Navajo Homes

The Navajo tribe lived in Southern Utah.  They lived in a hogan. It is a domed-shape house supported by wood frames and clay on the outside. The door always faced the East.


Navajo Food

They ate a lot of squash, corn, and beans. They also hunted animals like deer and prairie dogs. They always ate fresh food.


Navajo Art

They weaved rugs with a pretty design. That is one way they are super popular because of their art. There is more! They also made pottery with crazy designs. Some look like a picture!


Navajo Facts

Did you know the Navajo tribe is one of the largest tribes in America? I think that’s crazy! Also, they lived in Colorado, Mexico, and Arizona.


Navajo Clothing

Their clothing is very colorful. They also made very colorful jewelry. The Navajo made really big rugs made of buffalo hide. I bet their rugs were really cool.



favorite type of dog

My favorite type of dog is a Chow Chow. Why I love these types of dogs, is because they are so fluffy. Also one  wierd  thing is they have blue tongues. Another way I like them because, they are very nice to you and other people. that is my favorite type of dog. GO CHOW CHOW!

All About Rocket League

Rocket league is a game about when you are a car and you are trying to get the ball in the opponents goal. You can play with friends or you can be by yourself. Also you can make a team of computers. I mostly do it with computers, and make it as hard as it can get because I mostly want a challenge. That is all about rocket league.

Story Lead 1

There I was at the plate ready to hit the ball. I followed the pitchers Eyes. I swung at the ball! I missed the first pitch! I stepped out of the the batters box, then I stepped back in the batter’s box. The second pitch I hit as hard as I could. I felt the power off the bat. It went way over the fence! “Home run!”  the umpire yelled. I crossed first base and I looked for my dad in the bleachers. He wasn’t there. When I crossed home plate, I wondered to myself where my dad was. I went into the dugout with an unusual face. Then my mom came in the dugout saying my dad was in the hospital and we needed to get there fast. I dropped my helmet then started sobbing.

—What do you think of my story lead?

—What can I do to make it better?