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I am reading The Eye of Minds by James Dashner. My group doesn’t quite like the development. It is a cool world but the story could be much better. I don’t hate the book, I just think it could be better. I like the writing style of the story, but it doesn’t compare to The Maze Runner. It reminds me of Ready Player One. I think the story is going to take them to a battle against the e-villain Kaine, in which no one wins and it carries on in another book.

In this section, Michael and his friends enter the portal and come across a lot of strange stuff. A never ending hallway, a room full of zombie like people who attack them and kill bryson. Sarah and Michael end up in a woodland type area and meet the missing gamer Gunner Skale.

James Dashner was born and raised LDS. He lives in Utah right now. He has dealt with sexual harassment allegations.

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