Lit Circle #2 project: Critical Acclaim

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My assignment in the project is critical acclaim. I read “The Eye of Minds”.


The first review I read gave this story a 1/5 star review. They did not like this story at all. Their biggest issue was the character development. They claimed there was none, and the story was bland and super cliche. The plot stayed the same the whole time, no changes until the end. For 75% of the story they were on “the path”. They didn’t like the background characters whatsoever. They didn’t do much to contribute to the story. They helped fight bad guys then die. When they died, Michael didn’t even care.


The second review rated the story 5/5 stars. They loved it. They thought the character development was great and they enjoyed all of the conflicts and twists in the story. The reader was obsessed with the creatures created in this story. The “Killsims”.  They said they were as good as, if not better than the Grievers in The Maze Runner. They were in love with the VirtNet and wished they could live in a world with it.


The third review rated the story 3/5 stars. They thought the entire story was just ok. Not so good character development, but not so bad. They liked the world and plot but felt it was rushed so they were confused for most of the story. However they really enjoyed the end of the story and the twist that came with it.

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