Lit Circle #2 project: Critical Acclaim

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My assignment in the project is critical acclaim. I read “The Eye of Minds”.


The first review I read gave this story a 1/5 star review. They did not like this story at all. Their biggest issue was the character development. They claimed there was none, and the story was bland and super cliche. The plot stayed the same the whole time, no changes until the end. For 75% of the story they were on “the path”. They didn’t like the background characters whatsoever. They didn’t do much to contribute to the story. They helped fight bad guys then die. When they died, Michael didn’t even care.


The second review rated the story 5/5 stars. They loved it. They thought the character development was great and they enjoyed all of the conflicts and twists in the story. The reader was obsessed with the creatures created in this story. The “Killsims”.  They said they were as good as, if not better than the Grievers in The Maze Runner. They were in love with the VirtNet and wished they could live in a world with it.


The third review rated the story 3/5 stars. They thought the entire story was just ok. Not so good character development, but not so bad. They liked the world and plot but felt it was rushed so they were confused for most of the story. However they really enjoyed the end of the story and the twist that came with it.

Blog Post #8: summarizer

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I am reading The Eye of Minds by James Dashner. My group doesn’t quite like the development. It is a cool world but the story could be much better. I don’t hate the book, I just think it could be better. I like the writing style of the story, but it doesn’t compare to The Maze Runner. It reminds me of Ready Player One. I think the story is going to take them to a battle against the e-villain Kaine, in which no one wins and it carries on in another book.

In this section, Michael and his friends enter the portal and come across a lot of strange stuff. A never ending hallway, a room full of zombie like people who attack them and kill bryson. Sarah and Michael end up in a woodland type area and meet the missing gamer Gunner Skale.

James Dashner was born and raised LDS. He lives in Utah right now. He has dealt with sexual harassment allegations.

Book Show And Tell

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I have been reading the maze runner series. I am currently reading the third book “The Death Cure”. I recently read the scorch trials. This series is about a bunch of kids who were placed in a series of tests, to help scientists create a cure for an almost unstoppable disease. The kids are trying to escape the people who are putting them in the tests. I would recommend this series to anyone who likes actions. There’s lots of fighting and escapes throughout the series.

Blog #5: term 4 series

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The Maze Runner <i>Movie Tie-In Edition</i>

I will be reading the Maze Runner series. I watched the Maze Runner movie and it was super cool so I’d like to see the story line from another perspective. I have not read any yet but I know that if other people can read two books in a weekend, I can read three in a term.

All About Me

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Hello everyone. I know there will be millions of people reading my posts so I’ll keep things brief. I learned to read when I was a young lad. I enjoyed reading percy jackson a lot. As of now I really enjoy modern adventure style stories. I really enjoy John Green.

Hello world!

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