What’s On My Mind

All I can think about is the drama callbacks after school. The stress is a little too much to bear, since I have to sing in front of people who know me for the first time. Every time they’ve asked me to demonstrate I’ve declined, due to stage-fright, and a lack of confidence, but now I have no choice. The other problem I have is that I was called back for literally every single guy part(Nathan Detroit, Sky Masterson, Nicely, Benny, and Rusty) so I have quite a bit of singing to do… just thinking about it is petrifying. No matter how much you think you know me, I’m extremely self-conscious, and suffer from extreme stage-fright. The difference between me is that the fear drives me to act more than discourage me, because I find that things are much more fun, and exhilarating when you’re afraid of it. That’s what bravery is anyway, It’s not the lack of fear, it’s having the fear and facing it anyway. Well that’s about all I have on my mind at the current moment. Have no fear for my mental safety, I have stocked up on chocolate before the auditions and the callbacks so everything is going to be fine. Even if I flunk it, I can rely on the stash to make me feel better. And if it goes well I can celebrate! Thank’s for reading!

What’s All This Got To Do With Me?

Okay, I really don’t see exactly how I can relate to a crazy old lady, and a dead stuffed dude she lured into her home… But I’ll try my best. I mean the best message that I got from the story is to never underestimate the things a person can do. Sometimes they’ll just lead you to believe something, and when it’s most beneficial to them they’ll reveal the truth. Another message that I got from the story is a little generic, but I got that the author was trying to tell the reader not to go live with crazy grandmas is suspicious houses when you’re starting your career, even if it’s dirt cheap… well especially when it’s dirt cheap. So basically don’t put too much trust in strangers. I can learn not to get myself into strange situations, and to just keep my wits about me so that I don’t do anything too stupid. oh, and I can kinda relate to Mr. Weaver’s situation though, because there was a time when I was out jogging with a group of friends down in Virginia, and apparently the category two hurricane that was supposed to be heading for North Carolina had swerved up to Virginia Beach, and we were running so we all happened to miss that little detail. So we’re like 3-4 miles from home and we’re caught in 80-mph winds that literally could lift us off our feet, so we all stayed close, and booked it to the nearest house. So we were forced to stay the night with this random couple, I mean they didn’t poison us and stuff us, but it was still really strange. Oh, and the next day we had one of the most epic adventures of my life. We canoed the 3 miles back to our house… in like 6 bleached garbage cans that our host’s happened to have there.

Free! Body and Soul, Free!


I really have no idea what caused these people to feel locked up that badly, but every now and then I feel like there’s this huge barrier keeping me from moving forward, and I just can’t figure out how to get around it, and continue advancing in life. Something like a missed assignment that causes my grade to go down, and I can’t make it up so I have to work my tail off to get back up to an A again. Even though I’ve felt constricted by something, I admit that I’ve never felt as locked inside as these two people. I’ve never been told that I can’t do anything but be a housekeeper, nobodies ever called me dumb and meant it, and I’ve always had free reign to do whatever it is that I wish in my life.  I can understand what’s making them feel this way, but I don’t know at all what it feels like. It must be terrible, I really hope I never get into a situation like that. To break free from these situations, I feel that a person must realize that the situation is in their hands, and they must take control of the problem and take it down. Only then can the be able to do what they want with their life. That’s what being truly free means to me. To be able to hold the pen and paper to your own personal life story. Thank You For Reading!

1st Term Business


Since all of my last posts have been pretty ridiculous, I’ll try to keep it informational, and to the point, as it should be. And also because it’s about 11:30 pm right now. I feel pretty good about the work that I’ve done in this class, and the only thing that I feel I need to work on is remembering to do homework right when I get home, or I won’t get it all done. I wish that I could say that I’ve had some great successes, but the only success in my book is straight A’s, and that slipped from my grasp this term. As far as goals go, I am going to get a 4.0 for the rest of the year, and for all of high school. If you don’t believe me, then feel free to bet me on it. (you will lose) And I will accomplish this goal by actually remembering to do my homework. (I only forgot 2 assignments but that was enough to shut my AP Human Geography grade down for the entire term). Thank you for reading, and I wish you luck with any goal you’ve set for next term.

What Side Has Technology Taken?

I think that the side technology takes in our life is completely up to us. We have the power to control how we immerse ourselves in our digital devices. In the Veldt the only reason the nursery turns against them is due to them letting it take such a hold on their life, that they couldn’t survive without it. I’ve had friends who couldn’t think without their phone in their pockets and others who couldn’t imagine having one. We can set limits and can choose to follow them. Or we can destroy our own life with something meant to make it easier. There will be things on the internet that make us doubt ourselves, but we need to remember that over 50% of all information on the internet is crap. When I read something on the internet I keep in mind, that I’m the judge of whether I think that the information’s correct. That’s my view on technology and the interwebs. Thank you for reading.

Can I Use Figurative Language?

Sometimes when someone tells me to use figurative language, I feel like a toddler who’s just been told his mutual funds had taken a complete nosedive. Although, I always seem to get good grades. I always speak with the wisdom that can only come from experience, like a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country speaking at high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one of those boxes with a pinhole in it. I feel like when I’m on vacation in another city and, Jeopardy comes on at 7:00 p.m. instead of 7:30, as it does in my hometown, I get befuddled. Really though, I feel like I’m as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck, either, but a real duck that was actually lame, maybe from stepping on a land mine or something. But I hope that’s good enough because I really want an A on this post. Thank you for reading.

The First Story I Read

I chose the Veldt, and it’s author is The Saturday Evening Post (1950). The story is a little dark, and I would not recommend anyone under 8 reading this after dark. It sort of disturbed me, but I can’t tell you why(just read the story). The main characters include George and Lydia Hadley, and their two children Wendy and Peter. The story begins with the parents discussing malfunctions with the nursery(a technological wonder that portrays whatever it is that you want to see just by thinking it). They’re beginning to doubt it’s safety, and decide to call an expert who tells them to shut it down due to the horrible effects it’s having on their children. When they finally do, the children start acting strange, and sounds start to bleed through the nursery walls. This story amazed me with thrilling details, a mystery left unsolved, and conflict ending in a way I never imagined. I highly recommend to anyone who has at least an hour till lunch, or an hour after to save the janitors from having an unsavory cleanup.

What Will The Future Be Like?


What will the future be like? To be honest I haven’t the slightest idea, but i’m going to have fun predicting anyway. I predict that to mow our lawn we will have one giant blade that folds out of the ground, and slices the entire lawn in one decisive swing, oh and you can activate it with your mind, telepathy will defiantly be a thing,  one solution to the growing population in the future will be teleportation so we can get rid of all the roads, and delivery systems to give us more space. Also we will be able to manipulate molecules at a fast and efficient enough rate to just create food in our mouths with a headband. War will be over, and Latvia will have taken over the world because every other MDC (more developed countries) decided to put a ban on technology created any time after the 18th century. Daily lives will include checking to make sure the AI’s are doing their jobs, and then relaxing, and doing whatever we want

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

Has the world learned it’s lesson? Did we hear Sara Teasdale’s message? Have things gotten better or worse in the last 100 years?

To be perfectly blunt, no. The world ignored Sara’s message. She was trying to warn us of our impending doom. I think that she started the poem nicely, and then jumped into the “Everyone’s Dead!” statement at the end because she wanted to get her message across as flashy. You can’t read the poem and get to the end without reacting to the explosion of negativity at the end. She just starts with a bunch of lines on nature, and then reminds us how insignificant we are. No, the world isn’t better off than we were 100 years ago. Now we have worse weapons, and have done much greater destruction with them, and what do we do when we realize this? We make more, and make them worse of coarse. We didn’t even think to stop and ponder Sara’s message at all, we just went on by without a glance doing our destruction, and trying to find out how to make it worse. But in reality, what are we supposed to do? If we don’t continue getting stronger then when bad people get stronger and destroy us, then it was are fault that the world fell into the wrong hands. I believe that her message is not to be discarded, but we shouldn’t stop creating more powerful weapons. We have to stay a step ahead of the maniacs that wish to destroy everyone. WW2 should never happen again. The madman got ahead of us, and we paid the price.

What I’m Doing Right, And What Can I Do Better?

I believe that the only thing that I’m doing right is that I work hard at school, and try to finish everything on time. Something that I could defiantly do better is to be more open to doing work at home. for the longest time I finished all my homework at school, and never did homework at home. This, and last year I got into a semi-habit of doing homework at home, but I still struggle with that. I have a habit of forgetting about things like homework, and other things like disclosure documents. I’m beginning to fix that but it’s going to take some time. When this year started, my grade in most of my classes wasn’t anywhere close to what I wanted to be, so I had to force myself back into a homework habit, and the grades started to shift. I still don’t have straight A’s(Heck, I don’t even have an A in this class yet) but I’m working on it. And I feel that I will be able to achieve a 4.0 G.P.A. at the end of the year. Thank You For Reading!!!