The First Story I Read

I chose the Veldt, and it’s author isĀ The Saturday Evening Post (1950). The story is a little dark, and I would not recommend anyone under 8 reading this after dark. It sort of disturbed me, but I can’t tell you why(just read the story). The main characters include George and Lydia Hadley, and their two children Wendy and Peter. The story begins with the parents discussing malfunctions with the nursery(a technological wonder that portrays whatever it is that you want to see just by thinking it). They’re beginning to doubt it’s safety, and decide to call an expert who tells them to shut it down due to the horrible effects it’s having on their children. When they finally do, the children start acting strange, and sounds start to bleed through the nursery walls. This story amazed me with thrilling details, a mystery left unsolved, and conflict ending in a way I never imagined. I highly recommend to anyone who has at least an hour till lunch, or an hour after to save the janitors from having an unsavory cleanup.

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