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This blog post is supposed to be about what is on my mind, so here it goes. If there are several run-on sentences in my post, that’s just because I am telling the story from the view point of my mind, and it’s a mess in there. I am super nervous because today I am auditioning for “Into The Woods” the school musical. I am hoping to get one of the lead roles, Little Red Riding Hood. I am pretty freaking nervous man. I’ll give you the run down of my experience in the drama program. So last year, I auditioned for the role of Annie in Annie Jr. I delivered an excellent song, and I made it as far as callbacks. But I didn’t land the roll. In fact, she chose two different  Annies and I didn’t happen to be one of them. I asked her why I didn’t get the role, in a very respectful way, and she said that it was because she felt that I was too feisty for the character that she had in mind. This year however, I was determined to land this role. So yesterday I asked Ms. Schow what her rendition of the character would be like, so that we were on the same page. She said that she thought that Little Red Riding Hood was a very very sassy, but determined character. That’s like me in a nutshell. I thanked her and am glad that I went that extra step of asking her so that I can have some information that the other people auditioning do not. I also picked out a song that I thought suited this character the best. I actually just looked up “Good songs to sing when auditioning for Little Red Riding Hood.” and found the song that I am singing, but I liked it because I just felt it was pretty perfect. I am also wearing black overalls with a flannel red shirt underneath. You might be asking the question, what does what you wear have to do with the audition at all? Well, I am wearing Little Red’s colors, so that hopefully Ms. Schow can envision me as the character a little bit better. It is going to be a crazy day. I am auditioning after school, I have to work on my Final Narrative for English, I have to Geography tests today, one on Governments and one on Latin America, and I also am turning in my huge Biology assignment. Oh yeah, and I am missing half of two periods to go the a field trip. I am a hot mess man.

6 thoughts on “Tell Me About It

  1. YES!!!!!!!!! THAT IS EXACTLY ME!!!!! I either really want little red or rapunzel. I’m so nervous. I have a really bad feeling that no matter what, I will just be in the ensemble. I am also feeling like a hot mess. Good luck on your audition!

    1. Hey! You have a REALLY beautiful voice. No matter what happens, you’ll get cast as a title character, I’m sure of it. But did you get callbacks for the people you wanted?

  2. “She said that she thought that Little Red Riding Hood was a very very sassy, but determined character. That’s like me in a nutshell.”

    Ha! I hope it turned out well.

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