National Poetry Month Day Two: Room

My AP  English Literature teacher issued a challenge to write a poem a day during the national poetry month of April. This is my poem for day two:  written in preparation for spring cleaning. My goal while writing was to encapsulate the connection I have to the clutter in my bedroom, and reflect on how my bedroom reflects my life experiences. I’m proud of the way it came out, reflecting on both the good and the bad of memory and the way it manifests through my surroundings.


I wish I could keep you tidy
like the way you look in my head.
But time does its damage faster
than it used to.

Before when days passed like months,
and months passed like centuries,
I could watch your turmoil unfold:

now I simply wake up to your catastrophe.

Hidden somewhere in this room
is my childhood.
My exes; both the
boyfriends and the best friends,
and the pain of trying my best
day after day.

Memories dried up after

one too many times in the wash.

But all I see is the garbage,
that a stressed out, lazy girl
does not want to pick up.

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