New School Lunch Menu!

I am wondering have you ever had a really good school lunch before? I haven’t. That is why we should change the school lunch menus they will serve, nachos, maglbee’s chocolate cake, and fresh squeezed lemonade.

First things first, I think that schools should serve nachos. First, they are very crunchy, salty, and very cheesy. Also the nice part is they don’t take long to make. Another thing is they are very flavorful and they don’t burn easily. That is why I think schools should serve nachos in school lunches.

Another thing to add is, is maglbes chocolate cake. Maybe a reason why is because is very sweet and chocolaty. Also, something nice about it is you don’t have to make it with will put less stress to making lunch. Something else is, is it very mostery so you don’t have to serve milk so we can have something else with it and it is like a brownie and who doesn’t love brownies.

Last something else  kids might like is fresh sqezed lemoned. A resson why is because, it is sweet but still has a little tang to it. For example it is very refreshing and a good change insted of having milk. Last it is easy to make and tast better then regular lemonad. That is why I think we should serve fresh sqezed lemonad.

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Snow Monkey in Snow 10 Mark Dumont via Compfight


Hello my name is Banana the monkey. As you can see from this photo, I love the snow, but that’s my problem the snow has come and gone. If only I could play in the snow more…

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Gâteau au yaourt façon cupcakeCreative Commons License Frédérique Voisin-Demery via Compfight


This is sprinkle the cupcake and she has a problem. She was going  to be eaten in 2 minutes, ” What should I do…”


Old But Great!

Every step I take my back will ache. “CRACK!” I think that was my back.

I think that being old will be good. Here are some reasons why.

First, I will be able to know how to treat others which will make me happy. I will treat others differently then I was treated when I was younger. Also, I will be able to know how others feel at times so I will know how to treat them. I will help others with there feelings. For example, if I see my grandchild and they have just had a hard day at school, I will know how to treat them so I don’t hurt their feelings about what happened.

Next and last, I will be able to spend more time with my family which makes me feel good.  I will be old so every one will want to live close to me. If I need help in some way, they will be there to help me. Also, I will be lonely so every one will want to visit me. I won’t be lonely my whole life. My family will be around. They will want me to have fun with me so they will see take me to places or come to my house.

That is why I think being old will be a good thing.

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