Blog Post :Lit Circle #2 Project Author

James Dashner was born on November 26, 1927 in Austell, Georgia. He later on moved to Atlanta, Georgia and then to Provo, Utah. He studied at BYU and got a masters degree in accounting. Now Dashner and his wife, Lynette Anderson with his 4 children, who we know nothing about. In his biography, it also talks about sexual harassment allegations. Literally. His biography takes 2 sentences to talk about his life, then 3 to talk about sexual harassment allegations. It is the most depressing biography that I have ever seen.

He wrote Eye of Minds in 2013, when he was 41. He drew inspiration from Maze Runner, and just added the sci-fi, virtual reality to make it interesting. The characters were based off of characters in Maze Runner, everything was based of Maze Runner, he just changed the setting, the characters and added virtual reality. And the only reason he did it was because he wanted to mess around with the idea of infinite worlds and infinite settings, cause he thought it was cool.
Over all, the book sucked. It was confusing to read, and the characters were bland and had no depth to them, and while I liked the idea for the story, Dashner didn’t execute it correctly to make it good. And when I finished the book, instead of being like “Oh wow, it all makes sense now!!” I ended it with “That doesn’t make any sense, what the heck,” I would give it maybe 2 stars, maybe. Dashner should have gone into accounting instead of writing. This book sucks.

Blog Post #8: Illustrator

We think its pretty good. We really like the setting, we think its cool and kind of similar to Ready Player One. I think its a good story to, but, I am confused most of the time reading it. It doesn’t have a good flow either, which is probably why I am so confused. Like, one minute they would be running for their life and literally abruptly stop. Its so annoying and I don’t like it.

This book isn’t as good as good as the last book I read, which was The Assassins Blade. Which was amazing and spectacular. Eye of Minds isn’t as good as The Assassins Blade. Probably never be as good. But it is similar to Ready Player One. Though Ready Player One is better then Eye of Minds. Just because Ready Player One heavily focuses on the fact its a game, and it includes gaming aspects which is heavily appreciated. But Eye of Minds doesn’t focus on the gaming, its just programming and fancy moves.

I literally couldn’t find anything on James Dashner, the author of Eye of Minds, Maze Runner, and a couple of others. Literally only says that he is grateful for the fans and movies, and that is it.

Lit Circle #7 Final Blog Post — Eleanor and Park

I really liked our sound track, but only one song was really essential was Smithereens by twenty one pilots. That song we used to describe Park, not only the way he feels about Eleanor but also his personality a whole. I really like that song, its one of my favorites and it just perfectly represents Park. It describes perfectly how Park would “get beaten to smithereens,” for Eleanor and I think its sweet.

One of the things that I liked the most about Eleanor and Park is how realistic it was. Because usually when I read realistic fiction, its not any where close to how life is actually like. For example, I read a book one time that it was funny how not real it was. It was ridiculous. But in Eleanor and Park, its easier to relate and emphasize with the characters, and all the events in the book actually felt real. It was really good. I honestly loved it, and I don’t always love books. They are usually good, okay or terrible and need to be burn in the pits of hell.

Blog Post #7


We took a picture of headphones because Eleanor and Park liked to listen to music, and would share songs and sometimes Park would give Eleanor his headphones to listen to songs on the bus. And this connects to the real world because everyone likes to listen to music, and we are always sharing favorite songs with our friends.

Next we took a picture of a comic book because Park would always share his comics with Eleanor because she would read them with him on the bus. But also because Batman was her least favorite, which is rude. And because real people also like comic books, because who doesn’t.

Then we took a picture of a locker because every morning, Eleanor and Park would walk to Eleanor’s locker and talk there, which is cute. But also because people do that in real life to, if they are trying to hard to impress there crush because they saw it in movies. Or just because its on the way.

And this last picture didn’t make the cut, but I really liked it. In the story, Eleanor would be sitting there eating lunch with her friends and then look over across the room and Park would be there with his friends. And they would make eye contact and it was pretty cute. And how they relate is that everybody does that, ya know. Look over across the lunch room and see your crush. Relatable.

I really enjoyed it (I have already finished it) and yea, the conflict just gets worse I think. Like Eleanor does something that makes me upset and her and Park are dating and stuff. The conflict gets resolved, but not the way I wanted it to happen. Not at all.

Blog #5: Series Project Proposal

Front CoverFront CoverFront Cover

I am going to finish the 2 books in the Throne of Glass series, Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ash. Along with reading the Assassins Blade which is Celaena Sardothien back story. I chose it because I am already reading the series, and its really good and I am ready to get through these books so I’m ready for when book 8 comes out in the series. I’m almost done with Tower of Dawn, have maybe 100-200 pages left in the book. And I will more then definitely will have it done by the end of the semester.

Blog #2: Steelheart’s Backstory

It was late at night, dark save for the lamps lighting the cracked sidewalk as he walked home. Normal parents would be upset if their 14 year old son was out this late, but not his. No his parents never cared, even when he was little. They only cared when they needed something cleaned or something to hit. Even worse it was the same with the kids at school. It seemed like his only purpose to those around him was entertainment. It’s stupid, he thought. All of it. How everyone thought that it was okay, to pick on the small and weak- which he was.  One day, I’ll show them all, kicking a can as the thought floated in his head. Ways he could hurt them, how he will hurt them.

He started to get close, deciding to cut through an alley way so he could get home faster. But as he approached the alley, he thought he heard someone sobbing, and a quiet but angry voice whispering. Peeking around the corner, he saw two people, a large man dressed in all black, with a mask on his face and a gun in his hand. And a tiny old woman, clutching a purse in her hands and turning her head away from the gun pointed straight towards her head. He seen these kind of situations before, it wasn’t unusual in this part of town. But something turned him this time, and it felt different. This time he felt a surge of power that he had never felt before.

He came out from behind his corner and looked at the man head on. He hadn’t seen him yet, but the old lady turned to look at him with tears in her eyes. That was enough, he lifted his hands into the air in front of him and all of a sudden a blinding yellow light shot from out of his hands and vaporized the man on site. The old lady stumbled to the ground, shock and thankfulness on her face as she looked at him. Weirdly, he wasn’t shocked. He felt normal. In control and… powerful for the first time ever in his life. He turned and flew out- another power he just discovered

Blow Post #1: Me as a Reader


Front Cover

^this is my favorite book of all time.


I first learned how to read at age 5, when I was in kindergarten. I never had any favorite books, in fact I use to hate reading. But I have a feeling that 5 year old me would love anything princess and Winnie the Pooh related. I think I liked to read in a quiet place with 0 distractions, so that way I could concentrate. Now I like to read Fantasy, Mystery, Terror, Social Justice and the occasional Realistic Fiction. Books like Coldest Girl in Coldtown, Mara Dyer, Mortal Instruments. Those kinds of books.I like to read 1 book at a time, so that way I don´t get the stories mixed up and jumbled. But I will sometimes, like when teachers assign a book and I am already reading something else.


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