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James Dashner was born on November 26, 1927 in Austell, Georgia. He later on moved to Atlanta, Georgia and then to Provo, Utah. He studied at BYU and got a masters degree in accounting. Now Dashner and his wife, Lynette Anderson with his 4 children, who we know nothing about. In his biography, it also talks about sexual harassment allegations. Literally. His biography takes 2 sentences to talk about his life, then 3 to talk about sexual harassment allegations. It is the most depressing biography that I have ever seen.

He wrote Eye of Minds in 2013, when he was 41. He drew inspiration from Maze Runner, and just added the sci-fi, virtual reality to make it interesting. The characters were based off of characters in Maze Runner, everything was based of Maze Runner, he just changed the setting, the characters and added virtual reality. And the only reason he did it was because he wanted to mess around with the idea of infinite worlds and infinite settings, cause he thought it was cool.
Over all, the book sucked. It was confusing to read, and the characters were bland and had no depth to them, and while I liked the idea for the story, Dashner didn’t execute it correctly to make it good. And when I finished the book, instead of being like “Oh wow, it all makes sense now!!” I ended it with “That doesn’t make any sense, what the heck,” I would give it maybe 2 stars, maybe. Dashner should have gone into accounting instead of writing. This book sucks.

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