February 19


From time to time the writings of dads is very poorly portrayed where each dad is either dead, not in the picture, or just a really big jerk. I have always grown up with a caring dad in the house, so I don’t know what it’s like to not have one. But the thing is there is a lot of jerk dads, but there is with everything else too. I feel as if authors feel the constant need to have something wrong with the characters parents, this goes with a lot of things. So it’s basically just the author wanting something to give the story more background information.

February 12

“There Is not Always a Good Guy” – The First Tale

I feel that even if there is no intended lesson, there can still be accusations taken from that story. When the monster is talking about the story and how “There is not always a good guy.” It does tell lesson whether he wants it to or not. It teaches Conor that he can’t trust everyone and this will help him down the road. We have a tendency of telling stories for pure entertainment it keeps up waiting for the next move. We can learn that the lesson is there’s no lessons and not everything in life will be a lesson and punishment. I believe the monster keeps coming back and telling tales because he is lonely and wants to entertain and astonish him.                                                                         

February 6

How to get BOOKS!

Everyone has a way of getting a book they want. Whether it be they: just get a book and go with the flow, they have a certain genre that they HAVE to read, or the case could simply be, they just judge a book by it’s cover. I believe there is no wrong way to look for the books you want. There shouldn’t be. Something I do is read the summary either online, or the book jacket. Another GREAT way to look for books is by…recommendations. There are a few things to take into consideration when picking a book. Where you go, what you want, and what you get. These are just a few ideas but it’s really what you want, it’s up to you.





January 29

“He Was Without Imagination”

In the story of “How To Build A Fire” it talks about how the character had, “he was without imagination”. What does this mean? When the author, Jack London, said this is was implying that the character was in fact almost monotone to the situation. He lacks the ideal being of what the author wants us to look at when we think of the situation. He would say this because of the cold and bitterly air, he is supposed to be cold, but he doesn’t act like it. He generically is intended to look at the circumstances, and be in a cast. But he treats it like you would any other. I do not agree with the author on his subject of saying he has no imagination. I feel as if he has the tendency to get things done, whether he like it, or not. I feel as if his lack of imagination almost signifies the job he got himself into because he looks as if he is just doing it to do the job, and get money, doesn’t look as if he is absorbed or loves the job. Where I live, this issue could interfere with many things! The accusation of not getting the most perfect and suiting job, because business is just business and there is not much to it. He tries to get through to the idea that he can show what happens when you don’t have a desire or passion leading you the way. If you didn’t have a driven destiny, you’ll end up in a place like the character.

January 29

What’s the Deal with Stories?

You may ask yourself, “why do so much people change their perspectives on things because of stories, and books.” Or maybe you haven’t, but I bet you are now. Something that I take into consideration is the way we read books. If someone tends to have and share something common with the character in their book, they may want to learn everything that that character has to offer. If we are struggling with an issue, and the person in our book does as well, then that means they can look for a solution the same as a character. The main reason is relation. When we find a solution, and or find something that makes them seems so happy or what we want in our life, we will do the same as them. This is my understanding on why people make such big deals on stories.

January 14

The BEST book I ever read

As my existence of being a human I have read MANY books that I have extremely enjoyed. But one that I really liked included “Fablehaven” that I qualify as my favorite book. As I first picked the book, I was a little hesitant because I did not really know if I would enjoy it, or not. But I really did enjoy it! It had a ton of plot twists, mystery and suspense that had me at the edge of my seat whilst I read. It really gave into the idea of why you should “judge a book by it’s cover”. Another thing the book included was sabotage by some of the character, it almost lead to a person in the book being injured, but then was shortly rescued, that endured more suspense