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I chose the book Arizona forever, the reason I chose this book is because it is and romance and it also was suggested to me by my cousins, so I thought I would give it a try. It also is very modern and I haven’t read a book like that in a while.

My book is a adult reading level. On amazon there was no grade level so therefor it is a adult level. The age of my main character is 27 years old.

My author is a amazon best selling author. There was no movie made after it though. It is well known in Utah because it is about a LDS girl and is sold at seagull book ( a LDS store). One thing I love about my book is that its so modern, it talks like we do today and uses slaying terms and it makes the book seem more real.

I already know that she had a rough childhood by reading the prologue and that she is the only girl with three older brothers. That she is the only girl and now has niece and nephew. It doesn’t ever really say anything about her looks or personality but it has a picture of her on the front.

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