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I’m reading the book Arizona forever. In the book they are in Arizona on a ranch where they race horses. It is a ranch that the whole family lives on. They are a LDS family who is very kind and generous. Dr. Jessie Benn is the only girl in her family with three brothers and a loving father. Her parents are not together anymore  so she doesn’t seem to get along well with her mother.

This book takes place now day, they act and speak like we do know day and the characters are very much like people now day. The world is also very much like it is now with all the terrible things out there. They also have the missionaries serving like we do today and that is how Riordan and Jessies brother Josh met.

In my its focus is mostly on a love story between Riordan Kane and Jessie Benn. They both know they shouldn’t like each other but they do and it gets complicated. But this story also has a lot to do with horses, horses are what brings Riordan to Arizona and what makes them spend time together. Riordans kind and loving personality just makes Jessoe not able to resist fall for him.

Casting Characters

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Related imageDove Cameron as Dr. Jessie Benn

I would cast her because in the book it says when he first sees her “she has beautiful long blond hair” the soon after says “and her bright blue eyes” he also says “she’s shorter than her brothers but tall for a girl”

Related imageTaylor Lautner as Riordan Kane

I would also cast Lautner because in the book Jessie says ” as the taller,  darker man”  his mom said ” when you were young i thought you’d be married by now, i mean your 32 ri’s ”  jessie a few time also talks about his biceps and how strong he is.

Image result for chris pratt   Henry Cavill as Josh Benjamin

I would cast him as Josh because in the book Riordan says how he is a very ” strong man” jessie talks about how when they were younger he was very ” loving to her when there parents would fight” and that he was also ” all of my brothers especially josh are all very protective when it comes to the people i date”

Related imageRojs Dobro prosao as quinn

I would cast him because in the book Jessie says when she first meets him that he has ” jewels in his ears” she also says “he has blond hair ” and they also talk about how ” he is a professional soccer player”

Term 4 blog post

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I chose the book Arizona forever, the reason I chose this book is because it is and romance and it also was suggested to me by my cousins, so I thought I would give it a try. It also is very modern and I haven’t read a book like that in a while.

My book is a adult reading level. On amazon there was no grade level so therefor it is a adult level. The age of my main character is 27 years old.

My author is a amazon best selling author. There was no movie made after it though. It is well known in Utah because it is about a LDS girl and is sold at seagull book ( a LDS store). One thing I love about my book is that its so modern, it talks like we do today and uses slaying terms and it makes the book seem more real.

I already know that she had a rough childhood by reading the prologue and that she is the only girl with three older brothers. That she is the only girl and now has niece and nephew. It doesn’t ever really say anything about her looks or personality but it has a picture of her on the front.

Self Evaluation

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On my reading index score I got 1092 which is an 11th grade level. So that means for and 8th grader I am above grade level and it says I am right where I need to be for collage at my age. I feel really good about my test and was very happy with my score. I thought I would get a lower score because English isn’t my best class. I am very glad I got the score I did.

For term 3 I read Edenbrooke and I LOVED it. I loved the story and how everything worked out with her twin and how she wasn’t perfect but her “prince” loved her for who she was. My book report I felt really good about and thought it looked very presentable, but I definitly did not get the score I wanted. Yes it was my fault and I wish I could have done something to fix it but I don’t know what was wrong with it. I would have changed some things, I would have not gotten sick with the flu a week before the term ends on book report day. I really wish I could have been here to get the points I needed.

For term 4 I don’t know what book I want to read but I would love a book similar to Edenbrooke. I hope to get a good grade on everything so I end up with an A. And I hope to do better (a lot better) on my book report next term.


Call to adventure

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My everyday life is pretty basic. I go to school and then to dance and that is pretty much all I do. I wake up and get ready then I go to school. Then after school I ride the bus if I stayed for fourth period, if not my mom comes and gets me and I go straight to dance. I usually get done with dance super late so when I get home I do homework and go to bed.

My call to adventure was wanting to become a cougarette I was so excited to try and become a cougarette. I had the right training to be able to become one so I would just have to keep working hard. There dances and trips look so fun and really push you.

But I didn’t really want to because it would be really hard. There are no scholarships for the dance program at BYU so before I could try to become a cougarette I would have to get accepted into BYU. I decided that the hard work would be worth it and that I should at least try.

There are many people that will help me and are helping me now. One of them is my dance teachers, they do so much for me and spend so much time teaching me the things that I need to be able to become a cougarette. Another one is my school teachers, they help me learn the things that I need to get into BYU.  My parents are also a huge part of this. They support me and pay for my dance and school. My friends and family also are great supporters in my choice.

Image result for dance jump


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A talent or skill that I have that helps me help others is dance. When I perform at a benefit concert for Shriners hospital. We do this once a year and all of the dancers raise money for the hospital and we do a concert and we give the money to them. “We dance so others can walk” is a quote we put on our shirts. We do it at a school in salt lake and they let us do it for free and use the money we would pay them with and donate it to the hospital. My dance studio does a great job at preparing amazing experiences or me.Art With Heart - Dance Impressions


One time when I felt in peace and everything was right in the world was when I switched schools.  I switched because the drill team is more advanced and my dad was coaching baseball. I was so scared and only knew one person in my grade that wasn’t family. But when I came to the school everyone was so nice and included me. I like pleasant grove jr. high way more than american fork. Its not a better school but its a better fit for me. That was one time when everything was right and just getting better every day.

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Blog Update

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During Christmas break I did a lot with my cousins and friends and that was really fun. I went and saw three new movies over the break the first one I saw was with my dads side and we saw Ferdinand then with my moms side of the family we went and saw The Greatest showman, and with my family we saw Jumanji it was really fun. For Christmas I got new luggage and lots of clothes. I had a really fun Christmas break.

This term I chose to read the book Kiss of Deception. The reason that i’m reading this book is because my mom and a few of my friends recommended it to me. The author is Mary E. Pearson she has many other books that are very good too.  Amazon link here. This book is directed to teens. If you look at it on amazon it tells you. Amazon link here

This year I am going off soda. I am doing it with my family, if we do it my mom will take me to Disneyland on my birthday. I don’t think that this will be hard because I already have very little soda.

Bio Poem

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I am kind, loving, and smart

I look just like my dad and look up to my mom

I love my family, friends, and dance

I am happy at times sad at times and nervous at times

I have fears of  messing up, making mistakes, not doing my best

I have won many things in dance, i’ve got strait A’s

I hope to make the drill team next year I hope  to make it into BYU

I was born in Texas and grew up in Utah


“Me” Poem Response

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The poem that I liked the most was called The anthem of awesome. The reason that I enjoyed this poem more than the others is because this one is very uplifting and joyful but it is also simple and short and I feel like I could write a poem like that. This poem isn’t really like me but I would like to be like it because its is so positive. This doesn’t really go along with my theme song but I really like this topic too. It reminds me of dance and how I can improve every day.

Image result for dancers

End of term one!

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This term when I read I think about how it took me from August to October to finish my book. I felt really rushed when reading and I would have liked longer to finish. I should have spaced it better though because I spent almost a whole weekend reading just to finish in time. So next quarter I would space my time better with reading so I didn’t read like my whole book in one weekend. But comfortably reading I would have liked longer.

I did like that I didn’t have to worry about losing papers and that I always had access to it. But I didn’t like that we had to do a lot of links and stuff because if you missed one the assignment wouldn’t get turned in. I wish that we didn’t do as many blog posts because some of them I felt we didn’t really need.

One thing I really liked about my book report was that it helped me understand my book even better and wasn’t to hard. I wish that we didn’t have to make something and that we could just write about it and I wish that we didn’t have to present in front of everyone. I wouldn’t change anything the one I did was good.

I would read my book faster and I would worry about my grades more at the beginning and not just at the end. I would read the same book and get the same grade. But I think that term 1 went really well.


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