Book Review 2.1

What I read- The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander, Realistic fiction, 314 pages. I give it 4.5 stars.

How it starts- The main character is Christian, but everyone calls him Mac because in 4th grade a bully called him MacGyver. He liked it, so it stuck. Mac runs a problem solving business at school. People come to this sixth grader with their problems, and he solves them; for a price. Mac and his best friend Vince, LOVE the Chicago Cubs baseball team. They started this business in 3rd Grade and are saving up to go to the World Series that the Cubs are close to. He ends up helping the janitor at some point, and the janitor paid him by giving him keys to and abandoned bathroom. There is a missing toilet seat int the fourth stall, so they put a desk there and it becomes his office.

How it gets complicated- One little kid comes to him one day and he is complaining about working for Staples, who is the bad guy, he lives in a creek, he is super junky and he hires bullies and little kids to be people who stand around and let kids make bets on various different things. So anyway this little kid, Fred, worked for Staples, and now he feels bad about it. It all gets super complicated and Mac uses a ton of his money hiring people and getting people beat up and he like accuses his friend of stealing the money and they break up and then they’re back together and it turns out he was stealing it so he could pay their bills and it was just super complicated.

What I liked- I liked all the descriptive words the author used, I loved the setting and the people. I love how it was written, and it’s my favorite genre of book.

What I disliked- I disliked that there was a lot of bullies and bullying.

I recommend this to 6th-8th graders.

On Stealing

I think that it is okay to steal in this case because, #1- She doesn’t have to deal with any churches that want her to repent for stealing or anything like that. #2- This is Nazi Germany in WW2, so she kind of has to steal to be entertained, to have fun, and to keep from being hungry. #3- She’s got to go outside every once in a while, so that she can get some fresh air. Like, I mean, I bet this girl hardly ever gets out of the house. So far, my favorite time that Liesel stole, was when she and Rudy stole food from Otto. It was hilarious.

Are books dangerous?

I think the Nazis were worried about books because even if they’re like fantasy, they can still give people ideas about being communists and hating Hitler and not wanting to be Nazis with him. I think some books are dangerous like if they cuss or have inappropriate pictures in them. They could also be harmful to your mind because they could have some bad stuff in them that’s like dirty. They can be dangerous to everyone, but especially young minds because they remember things to vividly. Books can be liberating, I just think it depends on the context it is being used in.


If you’ve seen Captain America, then you know why this picture is relevant.

My favorite movie soundtrack

I know this doesn’t have anything to do with pop-lit, but i decided to do this because like, you know you get bored working on Chromebooks in classes, except for pop-lit? Well I decided to put the Spider Man into the Spider Verse soundtrack on the blog. So if you ever get bored, plug in some earbuds or headphones if the the teacher lets you, come to my blog and click on this post. Then go down to the bottom and on play. Enjoy!


The Book Thief: So far

Likes– I like Hans Hubermann. He is my favorite character because he is so nice and he’s teaching Leisel how to read and I think he is a really nice guy. I also like Rudy because he was trying to be like Jesse Owens and he even painted himself black so he could look the part.

Dislikes- I really don’t like Leisel. I know you’re probably thinking “What!” But it’s true. I freaking hate that girl. She’s a creepo and She has a book about grave digging. Another character I don’r like is Rosa Hubermann because she cusses too much and she is kind of abusive to Leisel. She treats her husband like garbage and I don’t think she has any friends.

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Word Nerd 2.1

Source- The map to everywhere, By John Parke Davis: page 2

Context- “A golden emerald¬†brooch, bright and shiny as the sun.”

In their words- an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch.

In my words- A shiny gem that goes on your clothes.

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What would it be Like?

She would honestly probably feel like suicide. She’s going through a lot and her little bro just died. That would make her want to just go die in a hole alone and never see anyone ever again. She probably wouldn’t survive and she wouldn’t be able to comprehend what’s happening in the world at this time. She would have to get some friends and have some family that loves her and cares for her nicely.


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