Blog #3: Series Proposal

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I chose to do the Steelheart series by Brandon Sanderson because we’ve been reading the first book in class and I’ve really liked it so I’ve decided to continue the series now while its all fresh in my memory instead of having to restart or try to remember what happened in the first book. I’m about half way through the first book and im hoping to have them all done by thanksgiving but im expecting to be done just after.

Blog Post #2: Steelheart’s Backstory

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5 years befor our story begins not much was different, EPICs were destroying, looting, and doing anything else they pleased. The larger governments were still in place and decided to meet together to figure out something to do to stop these EPICs from taking over the world and hurting innocent people. They decided to develop epic powers make them stronger and then to implant them into soldiers to fight against the EPICs. They called this the Steelheart plan.

One of the lead scientists of the Steelheart plan was out with his family one Saturday evening doing their grocery shopping, he, his wife Anna, his son Shane, and his daughter Emily when a gang of EPICs raided that grocery store. They came in and destroyed everything that they didn’t take one of the epics with amazing strength started pushing over the giant shelves all in a row. They tipped one after another like giant metal dominoes, as they were falling the scientist hiding in one of the aisles tried to move his family from being crushed, his daughter bringing up the rear tripped on a can that had been knocked to the floor everyone else turned around to see the 7 year old crushed under the metal. The EPICs were done they had gotten what they’d come for and disappeared into the night.

The next week the scientist didn’t sleep, didn’t eat all he did was develop and work on the power development. Two weeks later he had finished what he started and all the powers were ready to be implanted. They started testing on animals all trials were successful, the only problem the soldiers were not yet trained and ready to fight these high powerful EPICs. The scientist fought and tried to speed the process but the governments wanted the soldiers mentally trained to take on these EPICs. This was not enough for the scientist, he wanted justice for his daughter and he wanted it now.

The next day the scientist decided that he was going to do something to prove that soldiers would be strong enough that they wouldn’t need the training. He injected himself with one of the 500 tubes going into the soldiers. The excruciating pain was almost unbearable he screamed and wailed, the other scientists heard this and ran to help him there was nothing they could do. He was already growing and changing he grow in height and stature he became strong strong enough that he smacked the floor and left a hole where his hand had hit. After 1 hour and 23 minutes of excruciating pain he had turned into something beyond what they had ever dreamed would come out of this experiment. Everything had changed in that man he had his emotions amplified and now his anger turned to a loathing rage against everyone and everything. He destroyed the science lab and everyone in it escaped and set of to destroy every epic and person who had ever done anything wrong.

In his hate filled journey he learned that he was much stronger than the EPICs and the governments his selfishness turned to arrogance and he decided to make himself in charge because he was the strongest and no one would stop him.

Blog Post #1: Introduction

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I first learned to read from my mom and elementary school. My favorite books in elementary school were the magic tree house books, in junior high my favorite books were the Alex Rider series books. My favorite place to read is camping and in the mountains because its easy for me to focus and imagine with fresh air and little sound. Now my favorite books are the U.S. based true story military books. I can only read one book at a time otherwise I confuse the stories together. My favorite types of books to read are military action/adventure based books.

Post#4:story/Legend & Poem

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Was about a Calif who was out of his palace in the market bought a magic snuff box that changed him into a stork. after he and his adviser tried to change back and failed the Calif’s brother took over his kingdom. The Calif and his adviser took off into the forest and stayed there where they met a woodpecker princess who was in the same situation but someone had to ask her to marry before she would change back. They then stumbled upon a secret wizard meeting where they overheard that the word that they were supposed to say to change back was wrong and they heard the right word and used that. they then went back to the palace and took back over after he asked the woodpecker princess to marry.

“A stork knows more of this city than the Calif himself”……. I think this is a good lesson that no one knows everything and sometimes those who we don’t notice and just sit and observe know the most.

It was good at changing the sentence structure and keeping it different and entertaining

I believe the theme of the story is that those above in the heavens know the most about all of us.

Cultural items: That they called him a Calif instead of prince, That what they bought was a magic snuffbox and we don’t usually hear words like that, They say “by the beard of the Prophet!” its a middle eastern thing we don’t usually say.



It’s the story of how a broken hearted man feels when someone leaves him.

“like a flag flying in a free country you are waving in my heart” a flag in a free country is a good thing that is supposed to be there.

Sentence structure was kind of the same and repetitive which made it a little bit boring

I think the main idea was to be as a you left me but I still love you type system.

Cultural items: talks about goat bells which is not a common american thing to have or compare with

Post #3: News Article

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My article talks about the removal of Iraq from Donald Trump’s travel ban and how it is to improve vetting of Iraqi citizens and how the Iraqi government pushed and pushed for them to be removed.

The problem of the article isn’t the main idea it’s just a predecessor, the problem is the United States wants to keep terrorists from the middle east out of their country and their solution is to make it so hard to get in that hopefully they will be able to catch them. the Iraqi government doesn’t want their citizens to be blocked out of a better life and some people can’t afford or don’t have time to make the transfer.

Iraq is in very much unrest and many people are trying to leave to escape terror or persecution and make it to a different country for a better life the problem is if the United States opened up the gates and let everyone in the would have a lot of terrorists and problems happening withing the country.

Post #2: background info

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Iraq’s population is 33.7 million with 7.2 million in the capital Baghdad and Basara having 2.6 million. Their main languages are Arabic and Kurdish with their main religion being Islam. Their economy is slowly growing and progressing they have moved up to about 30% poverty level which is still really high but a lot of their agriculture is not very proffitable most of their agricultural products are wheat and barley. Iraq is also a producer of dates, sheep and goat meat, chicken meat, and milk. Most agricultural activity is concentrated in the fertile lowlands of the Mesopotamian plains  irrigated from the Tigris and the Euphrates.

Post #1

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  • I selected Iraq
  • Because I thought there would be a lot of information on it to make it easier
  • I expect to discover a lot because I don’t know much of anything about Iraq
  • What is daily life like in Iraq and the middle east? What do people do for work and providing for their families?
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