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Hi mom and dad, I am reading a book right now called The Hunger Games and I have a book report due in about 24 days. I am currently on page 30 and I will get farther as I keep reading this book. I have a link where you can go to find more about my book.

During reading time in my class I read The Hunger Games. Out of the twenty minuets I have to read I read about 95% of the time. I read about 5-6 pages a day in class. I have about 344 pages left to go in my book. I feel like during class I am on task most of or all of the time because I always try to get my work done and be on time.

I have great grades you can check them on skyward. I think that I am doing well in school. I feel like I will have a great year this year and I will try to end the school year good with good grades and great attendance. I will promise that I will do my best and work hard to do good in my classes. I will try to make you proud and happy.


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