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The Main character of the book “The Hunger Games”  is  Katniss because she is the one telling the story and also living the story. Another main character in this book is also Peeta because he is always with Katniss in the book and is her companion in the games, and they help each other. The main or major character means the big or the person who moves the plot. The main sidekick is Haymitch because he is trying to keep them alive in the games. The word sidekick is defined as a person is very dependable and someone who you can trust.

The most major character in this book is Katniss because she is one telling and living the whole thing. The thing that she is trying to change the most is trying to just survive and bring her family good wealth. Another thing that she is trying to change is not let the Capitol do these games anymore because she thinks that it is unfair.

The antagonist of this book is President Snow because he is the one in charge of the games and is also the President of Panem. He makes unfair rules and would not be afraid to kill you by himself. But he could also do good things for the country. A antagonist is defined as a person who stands in the way of change, could be a villan, not always a bad guy. At the time in the book the villan or Nemisis is President Snow but he can be defeated because he is only a human. The word nemisis is defined as a ultimate or a foe, a source of ruin, or something related to retribution of vengeance.

Parent/Teacher Blog post

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Hi mom and dad, I am reading a book right now called The Hunger Games and I have a book report due in about 24 days. I am currently on page 30 and I will get farther as I keep reading this book. I have a link where you can go to find more about my book.

During reading time in my class I read The Hunger Games. Out of the twenty minuets I have to read I read about 95% of the time. I read about 5-6 pages a day in class. I have about 344 pages left to go in my book. I feel like during class I am on task most of or all of the time because I always try to get my work done and be on time.

I have great grades you can check them on skyward. I think that I am doing well in school. I feel like I will have a great year this year and I will try to end the school year good with good grades and great attendance. I will promise that I will do my best and work hard to do good in my classes. I will try to make you proud and happy.



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The setting of my book “The Hunger Games” is located in a place that renamed North America, Panem. In Panem there is twelve districts located here. The setting is mostly in district twelve and the Capital. The games are always held in the Capital.

The time of year in district twelve is the summer and in the capital is also summer. In twelve people are not happy about the games because they think that it is not fair. They think it is not fair because the games select people to battle to the death. The capital loves the games because of the excitement.

The climate of this year is hot because of the summer warmness and hot summer sun. But it is also dark and cold because of the games and terror that is coming. It was also dark and cold because Katniss’s dad was killed in a mine explosion when Katniss was just a young girl.

The mood of this story is kind of sad, poor, but also selfish in many ways usually during the games. The atmosphere is a little sad, poor and also very crazy.

Declare Your Book

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I am reading the book, The Hunger Games and I have always heard that this book is really good. I have always wanted to read this because my family members and friends have always liked this book. I also wanted to read the book because I have always liked the movie. I really think that the movie attracted me to this book because of the action and the adventure. I found this book by my friends, family members and the movies.

The writer of this book is Suzanne Collins was born in August 10, 1962 in Hartford,CT. At this moment of her life she is 55 years old and she has written the series of books called The Hunger Games. She has two children by the names of Charlie and Isabel. She is know for mostly writing children’s books and also adult books. Here is her website.

The book, The Hunger Games was copyrighted or written in 2008. This was also when the book was published and sold. This is important because the same book that was written after that date could be a little different than the first copy.

There are some just very similar to this book. These books are Divergent, The Outsiders, The Giver, The Maze Runner and much more. The genre of this book is science fiction & fantasy. I think I like and others like it because of the action & adventure and just the intense life of Katniss.

The intended audience is 12-17 years of age. The reading level for this book is grades 7 and up. I know this is the right reading level for me because it’s grades 7 and up. This book has 384 pages in it.  Here is the link.



My Favorite Book

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This book is my favorite book because it has daring action, mystery and has a lot to do with family.This book will keep you interested because it is 384 pages long or action, mystery and fantasy. This kind or book is an action and adventure fantasy. I think that teens and kids who are in to fantasy, action and adventure would really like this book.

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