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Term 4 Blog Post

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The book that I choose for my book report is Unbroken.  I choose the book Unbroken because my mom and my dad said that is was one of the best books that they have read. They said I should read it because it teaches a lesson on how you should never give up on life even if it is horrible.

The reading level of my book is for 12-adult aged people. I know this is the age limit because of amazon, they can tell you what age and how great the book is.

My Call to Adventure

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In my ordinary world I usually do what I usually do. I wake up and go to school because I have to and I hate because it sucks, then I come home and start on my homework and try to get it done quick because I don´t want to do it anymore then I start getting ready for baseball, then come home and eat dinner.

My call to adventure would be becoming a pro baseball player. I have always had this dream ever since I was little and have been trying to work up to that point now. I think that baseball has always taken the things that stress me most or that takes my mind off of the bad things or that hurt me the most. I practice about three days a week and try hard to make it to the next level.

Some things that are holding me back from what I try to do has a lot to do with school. It is very hard when you have tournaments every month and your trying to get done with school and try hard to get good grades. I have had a difficult time but I am trying to work it out and think that I am doing good.

My mentors or supporters would be my older brothers and my dad, they have helped me so much and have had a great time.

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I have a skill that a lot of other people don’t have. It’s a skill that tough to handle but easy to use and play. This skill requires a lot of talent and hard work, devotion and effort. This is the sport of baseball. I have played for over 10 years and have loved the game since I was little. I feel like I can never ever quit this game and won’t ever quit this game because I love it too much.

Blog update

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During Christmas break I got to hang out with all of my friends and have a great time with my family. I didn’t do much but I still had a great time. I got to go bowling with family and friends all night and got to spend the new year with family and friends at my cousins house. We had a huge party and played many games. I had one of the greatest new years ever.

I choose the book Mockingjay which is part of the Hunger Games book series. I choose my book because I loved all the other books and had to keep the series going. The author of my book is Suzanne Collins. The reading level of my book is 7-9 grade. Here is how I know.

My one goal that I have for the New Year is to work harder and do better in all of my classes. I hope that I can finish my book without having to rush.


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I am Strong, Brave, and Caring

Youngest of three brothers, and son of Kevin and Tina Lewis

The biggest fan of baseball, music, and freedom

I’ve been hated but I’ve been seen as an example but most important a great friend

I have feared breaking a bone that would end my baseball career or feared about losing someone that I love or feared about losing my own life to soon

I want to make it to the MLB or be multi-millionaire  

I have always wanted to go and travel to every baseball stadium around the country or go chill out in the Bahamas and go scuba diving

I was born in Arizona but now living in the cold weather of Utah


Readers Response

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The poem that I thought I liked the most was “The Anthem of Awesome” by Sekou Andrews. I liked this one the most because I thought that it said a little bit about me and what I can or could be. I liked this poem because it can actually talk about many people around the world. This poem is like me because in the poem it says, “And I am/ not perfect”,

End of term blog post

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This term when I read the book The Hunger Games it took me about a month and a half to finish the book. I did feel like I was being rushed at the end because I had only 2 weeks left to finish 250 pages. I think if I was reading my book on the weekends and after school I could’ve finished it way sooner. Next quarter I will try harder to read on the weekends and after school.

I think that the blog post were pretty easy. There were some hard parts in the quarter. The easy or nice thing about my blog posts were that they didn’t have to be long and super difficult. The only hard parts was if you missed a day and didn’t know what it was that we were talking about. I don’t really wish anything was different I liked how it was and how it was set out.

I think I really liked my book report because it gave me a chance to show me that I went and read the book. It let me show that I really loved it and tell other people to give it a chance and read it. I don’t really want anything to change about the book reports I liked how they were set up. If I could change anything about my book report I would add more quotes and put way more detail in my drawing that I had.

If I could start the term over I would find a book early, get it done finish my book report early and get all of my work in on time. I would do almost everything the same except get my book done early. Now that term 1 is over I feel great because we are just one step a head of getting school done.

Symbols and Theme

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In this blog post I will be talking about symbols and theme. The symbol to describe my book is the mocking jay pin. The object symbolizes a token or a gift for the district Katniss is in. The object also symbolizes courage and honor in the district. It’s important to Katniss because it reminds her of Prim and the way she liked to listen to the singing of the bird.

The book cover can really tell a lot about your book that you are reading. I think the big thing that it is talking about is the mocking jay pin that Katniss wears in the games. I think that the big message that it is telling is that it talks about how much courage she has. It also talks about how she will use them in the games and help a friend she makes in the games. The pin tells her that she is the girl on fire because she has the fight to win the games and help Peeta with her. I think that they are marketing the book to both men and women because you can tell that the cover can temp boys to read because of the black cover and the action. It attracts the girls because it is about a girl. I don’t think that I would change anything about the book cover.

In my book the theme is combat and combat is fighting and fighting is killing. The author describes this by the hunger games. The hunger games is a battle to the death and killing is involved. The most part about killing in the beginning of the games where almost everybody rushes to the cornucopia and that is when the real battle starts. Or when Katniss drops the tracker jacker nest on the career tributes. Or when she was trying to protect Rue and the boy from district 1 threw a spear and hits her in the chest.


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The plot structure for the book “The Hunger Games” is probably an adventure because a lot of series of events go on in the book. The first event is the reaping and how Katniss volunteered for Prim and then Peeta getting called for the boy tributes. Then that is when Haymitch and Effie come in. Haymitch is the one who helps them during the games and will keep them alive. Effie is there to just smile and let them enjoy the experience. Then Cinna comes in who is the costume maker and helps Katniss a lot during and before the games. Then the training comes and Katniss gets no attention when she is trying to show the judges how deadly she can be. Then the games.

The main conflict in my book is Person v Person. It is this because Katniss is trying to survive in the games. Everyone is going for her because she has the highest score of people who are the most deadly. She is fighting to the death of other contestants to stay alive and so is her friend Peeta. They both are going strong staying alive and trying to win the games to take the big prize back home to their families.

My favorite parts of this book are probably when Katniss volunteered for Prim and saved her little sister life. Another favorite part is when they are training and Katniss shoots the apple at the pigs mouth and had the judges shaken up. Then it goes the games, the fight to the death and the crazy that goes on every hour.


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The Main character of the book “The Hunger Games”  is  Katniss because she is the one telling the story and also living the story. Another main character in this book is also Peeta because he is always with Katniss in the book and is her companion in the games, and they help each other. The main or major character means the big or the person who moves the plot. The main sidekick is Haymitch because he is trying to keep them alive in the games. The word sidekick is defined as a person is very dependable and someone who you can trust.

The most major character in this book is Katniss because she is one telling and living the whole thing. The thing that she is trying to change the most is trying to just survive and bring her family good wealth. Another thing that she is trying to change is not let the Capitol do these games anymore because she thinks that it is unfair.

The antagonist of this book is President Snow because he is the one in charge of the games and is also the President of Panem. He makes unfair rules and would not be afraid to kill you by himself. But he could also do good things for the country. A antagonist is defined as a person who stands in the way of change, could be a villan, not always a bad guy. At the time in the book the villan or Nemisis is President Snow but he can be defeated because he is only a human. The word nemisis is defined as a ultimate or a foe, a source of ruin, or something related to retribution of vengeance.

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