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Book Show and Tell #2

Internment by Samira Ahmed is a YA dystopian style novel but also reminds me of some Historical fiction books because of the content but it is set in the future so it isn’t technically that genre. It is about a… Continue Reading →

Blog post #7 Social Justice Final Project

Overall I really like the book the Inexplicable Logic of My Life. It is definitely not something I would have picked out myself but I ended up liking it a lot more than expected. I really liked the way the… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #6 Social Justice Issues

I am reading the book The Inexplicable logic of my Life. This novel includes many different social issues and just overall life struggles. The main social issues include; identity ( specifically ethnic identity), homophobia and gay rights, and social class…. Continue Reading →

Book Show and Tell

The book Helter Skelter was mainly written by Vincent Bugliosi who was the lead prosecutor for Charles Manson. He gives a very detailed account of the Manson murders and all the intricate details that came out and occurred during the… Continue Reading →

Blog post #5 Goodreads baby

This is my first account and I think it will be a lot of help to have recommendations based on things I have already read and really like. It recommended a lot of Ann Rule and Stephen King books because… Continue Reading →

Blog post #4 Steelheart book report

We chose these characters because we agreed that they were some of the most important in the whole book. WIthout these characters and their specific personalities the book would not be the same. They had a very good dynamic and… Continue Reading →

Blog post #3 Series project

I am going to read the series Chaos Walking. I chose this series because it was recommended to me by a lot of people and it seems well written. It is about a dystopian society where all living creatures can… Continue Reading →

Blog post #2 Steelheart’s backstory

     Steelheart’s Past       I was six years old, just old enough to go to kindergarten when it happened. My family had decided to go to the park and spend time with each other because my father… Continue Reading →

Hello there

I first started reading when I was very young. I was probably 4 or so and I would read cute little picture books to my younger sister. I loved me some Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree house and later got… Continue Reading →

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