Internment by Samira Ahmed is a YA dystopian style novel but also reminds me of some Historical fiction books because of the content but it is set in the future so it isn’t technically that genre. It is about a Muslim girl named Layla and her family. They live in a time where people are beginning to treat Muslims like they treated the Jews during the Holocaust. The Government starts regulating the books they read, the jobs they can have, and if they get an education or where they get it from. One day Layla and her family get ambushed by some Government officials that make them pack a bag to go to the internment camp Mobius which is one of the biggest camps and they are forced to get tattoos that tell the officials who they are and they are forced to do hard labor and learn to “fix” themselves. Layla gets frustrated with the conditions and basically tries to start an uprising with people on the outside helping her and exposing the camp for their unfair ways. Overall, this was a really interesting book and I loved that it is so comparable to the past even though it is set in the future. It definitely took me a couple sittings to get through it but it is very interesting and I feel like I learned a lot and really thought about the past and how terrible it is that people are still treated terribly for religion, color, race, and so many other things.