I’m a Big Kid Now

9th grade weas pretty neat. I think I’m a lot better now then I was at the beginning of the year. There was some stuff new going on, like I go to the highschool for math, and it was wierd being in a class with a bunch of juniors I didn’t know. Also I took AP human geography and that was hard. Like if anyone just happens to know the difference between assimilation and acculturation or Von Thunen’s model then you gotta apply for Hardvard right now. But now I know juniors and know the most random crap. Link to video about AP>>>https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ePD5hVQNp74Otcrz9tumzygcNFZji8sf&authuser=0






Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

People keep secrets I think because they view the worst possible outcome rather than the best. Basically all secrets are something not good people do or something they’re embarrassed about. Like if Juliet told her dad that she wanted to marry Romeo, he would have been fine with it. But instead she viewed the worst possible outcome and didn’t ask. I also think people hesitate to tell others because we as humans are judgemental and could use that information against them. Because if the secret is something embarrasing, and you get in an argument with someone who knows that, they could make fun of you becasue you told them. But talking can help a lot expecially if it’s a nonpermanent problem, like if you want to ask someone out, it’s better to just full send and have a chance rather than don’t do anything.

Love Moderately

*SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME* When Friar Lawrence tells them to love moderatly, he’s probably saying don’t be too extreme with it. Because later in the story Romeo kills himself because Juliet was taking a nap. So if they had listened to the advice they would’ve been better off. This is sometimes good advice. Like in star wars attack of the clones, Anakin is always rushing things going full send and he ends up getting his arm chopped off. So in this case it could be a good thing to be moderate. But in Endgame, before Iron man says, “And I…. am….. Iron Man.” he needed to go full send. If he just took it moderatley or even tried to give the guantlet to Captain Marvel, the universe wouldn’t be saved. So sometimes its good and sometimes not.


People hate people because some people just suck. Like Anakin said in Revenge of the Sith, “I hate you!” He said this to Obi-Wan because Obi-Wan was trying to stop what he was doing. What Anakin was trying to do was save his wife so he could have a family, but he couldn’t see the bad he was doing. So sometimes we hate people just because were trying to see the world through a tiny key hole, instead of finding the key and opening the door. Like I hate when people just do the most annoying random things, unless it’s funny then it’s good. But when people do stuff like that, we don’t know why they’re doing it. To overcome hatred there has to be a change in both people. In star wars, Obi-Wan changed by letting Darth Vader kill him, and Anakin changed by sacrafising himself for his son, so they both changed and they probably hang out now in force ghost heaven.


What happened with the sub?

I think the sub was texan and she just got mad becuase everything is not big like it is in texan. I did my work and then talked about wild mike. Wild Mike’s the chicken from the barnyard movie and is a legend. The sub got mad during like the middle of class and i don’t really know why. The class was talking, but it wasn’t even a lot. Have it was about shakespear too, and how either no one knows anything about shakepear. I guess if the other classes were mega quite and then there was us then it makes sense that she didn’t like us. Then at the end she passes a list around for us to write our names and it was spookier than the batman scooby doo crossover. 

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespear

Shakespear is a pretty odd guy. I know that he’s old and that Yoda’s voice was based off of Shakespear. And Yoda was wise so Shakespear is probably a pretty smart guy. He wrote plays and most of them are really depressing. Like Romeo and Juliet people think that’s a love story but it’s about a girl takes a nap and her boyfriend finds her and then he gets sad that she took a nap without him and she probably also stole all his gold fish too, so he got sad and he killed himself. And the girl woke up from her nap and saw the dead boyfriend and then killed herself. So based on hypothesis, if we read shakespear we will all get depressed and that won’t be very good. Also I would rather watch the movie Thor the Dark World than read the plays and works of shakespear. 

What Good is It?

Self assessment is a pretty neat life skill. It’s something that makes you a better person and it makes life easier. Like say you wanna bet some big arms, and everyday you workout but you only do dealifts, and then you get upset because your arms arent’ getting big. That makes you kinda stupid because you can’t self assess yourself. It can be a good skill in really anything that you could struggle at. Thanos gave the mind stone to Loki, but then Loki failed him and lost the stone, so he used self assessment to see that he needs to get the stones himself, and then he sacrifises Gamora to get the sould stone so he could acomplish his plan. And just as a side note guess who else sacrifised their favorite child to accomplish their plan?


How I Feel About to Kill a Mockingbird

To kill a mockingbird was a meh book. You can compare it to the first thor movie. There were some good parts, like the last 30 pages were pretty good, but the pacing was terrible, and a lot of the characters are not very developed. Like Boo, he was the big thing at the beginning, until Tom came along, and then there was no talk of Boo, then in the end he goes and kills Bob and you’re like woah he’s still alive. And there’s also the plot hole why he isn’t in a mental asylum. Because it establishes at the beginning of the book that the only reason he wasn’t in an asylum is because his dad didn’t want him to go. But then litereally the next chapter his dad dies, so why does Boo not go to a mental asylum? 

Good Stuff From to Kill a Mockingbird

“We’re making a step. It’s just a baby step…..but it’s a step.” When Ms. Mauddie says that, she’s talking about how Atticus couldn’t have won the trial but that is one step to what I would infer to be ending racism. I don’t think much happened in the court case. There wasn’t much tension built up and it was obvious what was going to happen. But this quote kind of had the effect that it did do something. For the future of this book, it will probably be about trying to do more to end it, but in a what if kind of way instead of an actually do something kind of way. 

An authority on courage and integrity

*The dude I chose was groot*

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Oh ya, so pretty much you just gotta do whatever you gotta do. Sometimes itś playing football video games and sometimes it cutting off your arm to give thor a new magic hammer. Just do those type of things and maybe you could also become a Guardian of the Galaxy Kids. *Disney Logo Appears* – Rocket Racoon translation.