Post #9 Sunai Sunai Eyes Like Coal

I read the savage song and the Author of this book is Victoria Schwab. Victoria is an esteemed writer who has written more than 8 books that have been exposed to awards and admiration from all over. She is 31 years old and it took her almost 7  years to complete she said that it is her most twisted story yet. She explained in the  interview that she had always wanted to write and dabble in that dark realm but never did because she was nervous of the ratings it would get. But then she decided that it didn’t matter and that if she was going to be a writer not even writing what she wanted she wasn’t doing herself any good. She explains that this book has a specific audience and that not everyone would like it. The people in the book aren’t necessarily based on real people but they are based on feelings.  August hates himself just like another teenager and Kate just wants acceptance. In a way I think she made the people very easy to relate too so they could be based on anyone. Fantasy has always been apart of her writing style and that it gives a gateway into real life illuminating things of the world. I think she is an amazing writer and the way she writes definitely kept me enthralled the whole book.

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