I already told myself that I wasn’t going to use this after the school year was done, but apparently I convinced myself out of that.

Often, my thoughts go a bit faster than they should when I’m writing by hand(and likely to be more scatter-brained), so here I am! Writing on this blog for a reason that I don’t know of.

I found a spot that I like to often lay or sit in. It might be almost dangerous in a sense, if you count  having to climb over a railing dangerous(footing matters a lot apparently!-sarcasm). I like it though! Usually go up here to smell the rain/watch the clouds, to collect my thoughts on something that keeps coming to me, etc. It never fails to make me feel better than I had before. Pretty much the only thing I like about this place.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re overthinking a situation just because of a feeling or decision? Well, I’m currently in that spot. “What if this?” Or “what if that?” Exhausting really, to put it into words.

I always try to hold on to the thought that maybe, maybe I’m learning for the better good of me and/or for others. Or that if something keeps happening, I’m supposed to get a lesson out of it.



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