No matter what way I’ve looked at everything, it’s always remained to be a win-win. In whatever  outcome it’s been. There has always been so much growth involved that it makes me wonder how things would have gone if a specific thing didn’t happen. Or if I never knew someone. It really causes me to come to the conclusion that everything is put delicately in its spot to complete the whole vision.

I hope that I’ll be able to grasp the opportunity to take the time to thank the few who have helped nurture me emotionally/mentally. Those who have helped me through to grow from my past into what I truly want to do. Having the patience and understanding for me in that bit of time.

I am and always will feel filled with gratitude for the many trials, periods of confusion, and the people who walked into my life. It reminds me of this quote that has stuck with me for a while now…”bad news: you’re growing and it’s uncomfortable; good news: it’s uncomfortable but you’re growing.”

These times have made known unto me what I really want and will progress in or what I don’t want. Both have been lessons, but valuable ones.

I don’t think some of these people will ever truly know how much they had impacted the way I learned, felt, or believed for myself. For their encouragement to embrace what I am and what I’m becoming. I genuinely have no idea where I would be in life right now never getting to know the few who I grew close with.

I hope I was able to have done the same for them as they have for me.

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