I cannot put into words how much I really do love rain. The smell is beyond what makes me feel pure joy. The green hues pop so beautifully. My favorite is falling asleep to the heavy rain pounding on the ceiling or the window, it’s so calming. Mom would often get mad at me for opening the windows slightly at night. Worse was when she would catch me sleeping on the ground by it(she told me all the time that I would get sick every time I did that and did I? Well, that’s something I’m not ready to admit yet). Never had better sleep than that so I don’t regret it one bit.

In the last year, every time I saw a puddle, I would jump into it with no hesitation. I don’t know why I never did that before.

Mom always jokes around that I was the “serious” one as a kid and Ash is my polar opposite as he’s super talkative and has a big temper(not to mention his troublemaker nature). I wouldn’t change anything for the world though. Ever since he was born, we got close quick despite many differences in personality. Or the fact that we fight a lot(mostly because of him annoying me over and over again-gosh, please stop barging into my room without knocking dude!). He’s taught me a lot about being more aware of people in a different way. Mostly to be less cold (it’s unintentional) to cater his needs(him always needing hugs, his emotional being). I’m working towards being more balanced in handling my expressed emotions, he’s helped me to loosen up a little(still progress). I think I’ve grown to be stronger from his example of his first days of being alive.

Before Ashton was born, I remember always wanting a sibling. That was the number one thing that I wanted through the years.

Hearing those words that I was getting a sibling was one of my happiest memories.

The next best thing about rain, is often the sun that comes after a good storm. Looks peaceful all around. Golden. Chilling outside on the grass is so healing, it never fails to make my day feel a little brighter(punning unintentionally here). Those are the times I just wish I could stay in those moments for a while.

As a side note, I just realized it’s probably not good idea that I’m posting later in the night…it’s just I tend to have more energy and time to put in what I feel or at least trick myself into thinking that I do. I think it’s more genuine at night when you promise yourself to not spend too much time (because of how late it may be) on what you’re expressing, but you always end up going in even more depth with how you feel about something.

It’s full of thunder, lightning, and the sweet soothingness of the rain right here! Making everything greener for a better tomorrow.:)


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