I think it’s cool to see planes coming in and out of our view every five-ten minutes

Surprisingly, I’m getting used to little things here like this. Doesn’t hide the fact that I still miss Pleasant Grove. The community is so close there.

Even if it’s for a little bit, I think the change was needed for us. It’s been hard to see it that way, but we always get the reassurance/signs that this is where we were meant to be(for at least right now).

For the longest time, I didn’t believe in sure-tell signs. I would often pass them off as irrelevant statements. It was likely because of how I was when I was younger.  Wasn’t steadfast or knew what to believe. Mostly due to not knowing what example to trust.

Coming back to learn for myself was so transforming.

I started to incorporate more as I went forward in the pursuit of knowledge and knowing for myself. It’s changed my every single aspect of every day life.

I’ve learned to trust more. In what I can’t see.

It still fascinates me in every possible way.

So often things have occurred at specific times that it almost scares me because the realness of it. I just freeze in total shock of so many inspired thoughts or experiences that leave me breathless.

I’ve never doubted or hesitated since that experience from camp. Nothing was more monumental than what I felt that night.

I carry the numerous encounters with me day to day to strengthen my relationships and beliefs. It hasn’t failed me to this day and never will.

Words don’t do justice to what is felt.




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