1st term Business

I feel like the first term was short and like this class was easy at the beginning but then got harder at the end of the term. I read everyday and then at school, I don’t think that the chart with the two lines is correct and that if you can read you that you will progress learning new words every day and if you can you wont progress but you wont get worse. I overall like this class and think that this class is a important class learning how to do technology and how to type in real world. Thanks Mr. Green

Technology Friend or foe

I think that technology is both but more a friend because, you can use technology for some really bad stuff and really good stuff like finking the cure for cancer or talking to family members or doctors when you are out of town. You can also plan attacks and murders on technology but you don’t see that as much as the good stuff. In technology their are “disorders” but they are not life threatening or something you can ovoid so I don’t think that you should blame technology for all the bad stuff but see all the good stuff technology done for us and the world, like phone’s, and smart cars and smart homes.

The First story I read

I chose to read the Veldt by Ray Bradbury, it starts with a parent worried about her children and just gets worse from their. The parents have a house that replaces them, does everything for them and then theirs the Veldt, a place where you can imagine any thing and it will display its self in a room. The room is pretty much just a room of screens, the Veldt will display any thing you think of so when the children think of bad things they see all of the bad things. And then the things on the screen might not be on the screen, and its not the children that don’t know that. Image result for the veldt

What I’ve Beeen Reading

I am reading a book called “They Both die at the End” it is about two people and what they do on there last day alive, there is a company called death cast that tells people if their going to die on that day. I started this book at the beginning of the year, and I am on page 160 now, I am not a fast reader and I don’t like reading a lot but I still read every day. I would like to read more but i don’t want to read something I don’t find interesting so I am just waiting to find a good book that I enjoy and that I like to read, So i have spend about four hours reading in this class and I think that if I keep reading like this I will be a bigger faster stronger reader by the end of the year.Image result for books

Figurative langue

Today I was having a good day but then I woke up and had to come to Mr.Greens class. So his class was okay but then he makes me log of my Chromebook and like a snake crosses me and makes me log back on to do this blog post not cool Mr. green. I don’t know If I will ever recover. If Mr.Green was a sucker he would be a grape flavor in a misery wrapper I seems friendly but then you find out its grape, and its too late to get a better sucker so you just throw it away and pretend you ate it. But now I am not sure me green is a sucker I think that he is a  I am not good a technology so it takes me a long tome to long time to log on and stuff so that is why I got mad not because I don’t like Mr.Green.

“There will come soft rains”

After the first time I read the poem I didn’t under stand much about it but, after the second time it started to make some sense and Mr. Green did tell us what it was about. I think after the third time reading it that the poem isn’t trying to say stop fighting I think its like a suicide note saying, the world is ending and the only way to stop it is to die and let mother nature take over, like her way of saying good bye. I think that is why she chose the nature theme, because nature will still live on without us and we cant live on without nature. In the poem There will Come soft rains by Sara Teasdale It says ” Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree is mankind perished utterly” that means a lot to me because it really shows that we do not rule the Eco system and we cant control the environment and nature cant help us we are just stealing their homes and their food pushing them out of our way for convince.Image result for sadness

My reading Journey

I always loved to read, I used to really like sharks so, In first grade I got a ocean book and read it every day after school. I liked to know about sharks, but then I had to start reading harder books and then it took all the joy I used to have out of it I just was not fun any more. Then in about third grade I got into classic books, like treasure island and i really liked them, but then I read all the classic books in my elementary school library, And I have never found books that I have liked like those books. Now I do not like reading it just seems time consuming and boring but I will find some other books that I like one day, and it isn’t fun to read the same books so that is why I do not read the same books.Image result for tom sawyer

Good morning my fellow classmates

I am currently reading “They both die at the end” It’s a story about two very different people who both have one last day to live and they don’t know how or when they will die. I think they might meet each other but I don’t know yet.